The development of small local website development ideas of Zoupian Jian Feng

in this paper, a unique perspective is used to subvert the traditional way to share new ideas for webmaster friends to share websites. Generally speaking, small city websites must be streamlined and rich in content, and the content of the website must be highly related. The theme is prominent, and the profit channels are diversified. Want to jump out of the website and do website, can not be confined to established ideas, dead support!


website development, as with the entity business development model, are regular, there are ways. And jump out of the website, do a website, take curve to save the development way of type, it is the shortcut of website of small city development undoubtedly. Here is my own "Loudi home network" development experience as the blueprint, to share with you about the money, improve the impact of the site approach. Ideas determine the way out. Webmaster friends must calm down, savor, can guarantee is, if you understand, then your website is not far from success! read more

Personal website successfully planning six steps

‘s successful web site means that your business will be able to gain more customers from the Internet, rapidly expanding corporate awareness and creating more business opportunities.

if you still think that the website is a product manual on the Internet, it can only serve as a propaganda role for the enterprise, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal level of success. Successful websites are sure to bring more business and significantly increase sales.

foreign research institutions pointed out that, according to the six step operation of the website, its visits increased by 400%. It is really worth our careful study. They are: read more

Web site filing authentication into a key to look at you and me

Announced the notification

Beijing February 23rd electrical Ministry before the notice stressed the site responsible person shall I carry Id original materials, access to the service unit for the record for verification procedures, and provide color full faced photo.

the requirements of the Ministry of industry, access service units entrusted by the relevant websites for recordation, change of record filing procedures, deal with web site owners to submit the main information, contact information, site information, and the authenticity of the information access units submitted for verification. Verification includes the site sponsor (subject), contact information, website information and access information etc.. read more

Single strong Some Thoughts on website operation

the attention and engaged in website operation work for a long time, the process from learning to research to understanding, which experienced a lot of difficulties and setbacks, so have some of their own experiences, no experience, today I will combine their online learning into their actual. Work in sentiment, simple to talk about a few problems about web site operators need to pay attention to:

: the first operation to the traditional economic website more familiar with or understand, or in the traditional industries have certain contacts and resources, whether it is business or personal website, because you run or traditional services or products, but the website is another channel; what we do is through the combination of advanced technology of Internet with the traditional industries, provide more services for the users, so we should not only engage in online and offline removal operation, otherwise one day you will find your site into a wrong mode and can not extricate themselves. read more

Mou Changqing talking about how to improve the Baidu index

, the first draft of this article was written last year. It was a way to help a XX network write how to improve the Baidu index. Many large and medium-sized websites value this very much, especially when some VCs, when advertisers evaluate the overall strength of a website, Baidu index is a very good basis. At that time, my friend wrote for me, and I wrote 10 or so at random. It was a little entertainment, but each one said it was the truth to raise the Baidu index.

1: in order to improve and improve the way read more

How to make your website favored by Baidu

SEO is a very uncommon in the industry, many people never even heard of such an industry, but now with the rapid development of the Internet people have gradually come into contact with something deeper inside the internet. The SEO is generally being interested in the industry, many people will think of why SEO can make your website and promotion information in search of the front row, sometimes through what kind of a way to do the moral? Today Xiaobian for everyone to understand about the SEO industry, and by what means can let oneself want to promote things ranking. read more

Defeated by Baidu but can not lose to the opponent


on Baidu fell, not to say that Baidu K my station (Baidu K did me some of the main station) is the Baidu jjpm frightened me, no longer dare to grab Baidu jobs, had to obey the

out of the way!I used to do a stock

station, Gupiao, market analysis and so did Baidu keyword ranking within the top four, but then use? Baidu bidding promotion to the first page all occupy! Only a few come from Baidu every day, a day of IP less than 100 I had to! I love the station to sell, in return for a lot of thinking! I was no match for Baidu, Baidu will not put their body fat with others chew! Speaking only to avoid competition with, can be assigned to a bowl of porridge! If you really want to do the popular word, it is recommended to do more some long tail word! To see no Baidu bidding words do read more

Discussion on how enterprises treat network marketing at the present stage

recently with the company closer, found a common problem, when the word enterprise boss a network marketing is very exclusive, at first I am not clear, why network marketing (e-commerce) is not good? Later with all kinds of enterprises contact more, from slowly found, in fact, they are not on the network marketing offensive, they also know that the future of the enterprise through the network marketing business will be necessary to carry out their own trend, but to know that they want to go to, here is a problem, it is that they do not know how to do, so the network marketing consultant, a batch of it come, whether they appear to bring the gospel to the enterprise? Whether they can bring the expected performance for the enterprise? This is what we would expect to see the future, but from the current Before the development situation, the industry is not doing well, because they bring a series of wrong information, so that the business owners of Internet marketing a skeptical attitude, or they think network marketing is more like the style of the Alibaba. Of course, now in our online marketing industry can be described as a variety of ah, such as website optimization, keyword analysis, the overall planning of the site analysis, and so on. But if you do a good job today, there should be few in the online marketing industry. read more

Do these two things before you can become a qualified social operator

text / dry uncle said operating


community operation has been a topic of concern for many people. To make a community bigger, stronger, and ultimately achieve its own operations, perhaps many people want to accomplish.

long before 2015, joined the Internet community, from hundreds to thousands of pieces ranging from community have covered, also participated in the social change in the tens of millions of operations, so today to talk about the community. Content is not what dry goods, just a few years of experience with their own, talk about some of the community’s experience. read more