Pay attention to the three little things to attract more customers

a lot of time, because the business process, some of the inevitable small business operators are not taken seriously, leading to the operator’s business has been greatly affected, unable to make a bigger business. In short, the operation for the terminal is not only a professional career, but also a survival skills. The same as the sea sail, why is my tail? This is one of many operators have regrets and confusion, but also to find a breakthrough, a powerful driving force and target out of trouble: the width of sail, I will fight upstream. read more

How about Korea South Korea imported Weiyuan supermarket

along with the advent of the Internet era, electricity providers prevail. As a small ordinary people, we can not come into contact with imported goods can now be able to point to the phone screen can come to their own, the Internet makes the life of thousands of households become more convenient. At the same time imported food is a good business opportunities, investors should seize the right time.

South Korea South Korea imported Weiyuan supermarket small investment return, small cost of venture capital is an ideal project! Now imported food stores do good business? It can be said that China imported food industry as a whole is still in the primary stage, but Han Weiyuan imported from South Korea supermarket has changed the pattern of thousands of agents. The franchisee and choose to make Han Weiyuan in the industry has become an important brand of imported goods between China and South korea. read more

Restaurant menu pricing guidelines big secret

customer evaluation of a restaurant is good mainly these steps: a look at the facade, two look at the menu, look at the service of the last look at the taste of the dishes, how exactly, the customer is the investigation of these three points. A lot of the catering business that the four most important point is to the menu, in fact, this is one of your customers y understand the store medium, the menu can let customers ignore what appearance defects. Of course, that you will be an important menu, very exquisite and special, left this misunderstanding, what is the menu to the customer, this is for their purse what you say is important, so to remember the importance lies in its pricing menu. read more

Wash car investment less effective 2 3 million yuan of funds will be able to start operations

now, the ranks of the private car team is growing, so car wash has become an increasingly popular industry. Washing car is a small investment, quick effect of the industry, as long as the funds can be launched 2-3 million.

corresponding: general, 2 guns, 2-3 person, 1 days at least more than and 20 car wash, car wash according to the market, large trucks 25 yuan 1 cars, cars and vans 10 yuan 1 cars, motorcycle 5 yuan 1 vehicles, excluding rent, wages, water and equipment depreciation cost benefit is obvious.

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Retired veterans of the recent introduction of a new pension insurance

soldiers as the country a very special existence, they bear the responsibility in recent years protect our homes and defend our country, since our country has been active in the call of the world peace concept, so the intensity of domestic disarmament in recent one or two years doing very large.

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Boutique jewelry store business to improve the profit of the store tips

boutique jewelry store businesses how to improve the profitability of the store? Shop is to make a profit, but if the operation is not perfect, earnings become empty talk. Master some tips, allowing businesses to reap rich wealth.

in addition, commodity processing is also very important, such as packaging, packaging always good goods set more elegant, or yourself in the purchase of goods loaded on small lace, would only sell a monotonous fine jewelry to more art. Through reprocessing, on the one hand, have their own style, when the customer likes to sell, on the other hand, also improve the value of the goods. read more

On the current market situation open clothing store to make money

now, open service in Zhangdian is full of street, in such a market, the clothing store to make money? And profitable? I personally feel that, if done well, money is no problem, after all the basic necessities of life, clothing is always a sunrise industry, but also around the clothing industry by related industries, is also in a period of vigorous development.

in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta has a very dense clothing industry, of course, the head seems to be very large, but I would like to say that the clothing store is still a profitable industry. read more