Entrepreneurship to precise extreme step on

electricity supplier business is a trend, whether it is interested in the electricity supplier business, there are other entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurship is the basic reason to know. The following is the chairman of He Zhitao, chairman of the liaison and interaction, followed by a look at xiaobian!

2015 years, our company has done a contact called Unicorn incubation program, including in the United States and the United States, do the Internet, do electricity supplier, for the valuation of more than $1 billion company called unicorn. read more

Chen Xiaolu WeChat cheese bar income


to open the circle of friends we can see a lot of dynamic are derivative products, see more trouble, but also some dynamic more attractive have been quietly praise, don’t underestimate the derivative, a monthly income of their sometimes worth you a year of wages, take down let us see it, there is a girl of 80 become micro business, selling homemade cheese every month now has hundreds of thousands of income.

only 7 days a month to sell cheese bar hot circle of friends

see the deer when she was carrying two mobile phone in WeChat kept busy, she said: "because it is our home cheese order period, get up at 7:30 in the morning, packing delivery to 12 noon, afternoon have orders, WeChat will get a reply, Ling Chensan point." Outsiders say derivative is lying in the house brush circle of friends easily put money earned, Chen Xiaolu smiled and said: "this is it, can be hard work behind only the talent around know." read more

2016 rural youth ushered in the four major development opportunities

modern young generation and the old ways of thinking are different, their acceptance for new things is very high. So it is very suitable for Internet start-ups. 2016 rural youth entrepreneurship will usher in a new opportunity.

The direction of the nature of

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Fudan University nstitute of innovation and entrepreneurship officially inaugurated yesterday

Since the

from management activities, entrepreneurship education and employment education is regarded as equally important. As the leading edge of innovation in Shanghai, Fudan University, founded the Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for college students to open the door.

12 on the afternoon of 6 may, Fudan University innovation and entrepreneurship College held a ceremony. Zhang Daliang, director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education, Fudan University President Xu Ningsheng inaugurated the academy. Bao Xinhe, executive vice president of Fudan University, introduced the preparation of the college. Zhang Daliang speech at the opening ceremony. read more

Changsha maglev project represents the level of made in China and made in Hunan

innovation in the ongoing, a series of innovative products are constantly being born. At present, Hunan, Changsha in innovation, in terms of maglev train has achieved remarkable results. The following and Xiaobian together to understand it!

China’s first fully independent intellectual property rights of medium and low speed maglev commercial operation demonstration line – Changsha maglev express passenger trial operation from May 6th. This afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xu Shousheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Du cents, National University of Defense Technology political commissar Wang Jianwei cordial condolences to participate in the maglev project experts and representatives of builders, the maglev train ride. read more

City commercial banks boost innovation and Entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship development is inseparable from the strong support of the banking financial industry, in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the activities of China’s urban commercial banks have become a reliable source of funding for the majority of entrepreneurs.

28, the twenty-seventh banking routine press conference public data show that as of the end of 2015, the legal institution of China’s city commercial banks total number 133, total private banks have opened legal institutions number 5. read more

Do you have a marketing business

no matter what kind of business we do business, the market has always been a very important reference factor. Only the real business opportunities in the market, it is more worthy of our investment options. So, do early education business has a market? Let Xiaobian to you.

at the beginning of November 2015, the State Council released the full liberalization of the two child policy, the benefit of many industries. Including the growing attention of grassroots investors early education industry. So for grassroots investors, early education industry prospects? Now into the early education industry can be used again with the wind to dig the first pot of gold? read more

Food chain store location three master standard

we know, has a great influence on the choice of shops catering chain store business, so we can not ignore the location of the hand. Filed election chain stores, it is estimated that many entrepreneurs want to shop headache. First through the intermediary, newspapers, or drive their own car to find the full street, and then, and then from the fancy of a few shops in one screening. In fact, there is not so much trouble, the following is the restaurant chain site three see standard:

First look at the location: read more