Love text Shanghai pomegranate algorithm under the chain will decide on what path to follow

in general, as long as the delivery to the A5 article will get a large number of outlets, especially the number of high quality content from the more be too numerous to enumerate, then you will find that the last one source: certain aspects of the chain, this will also be the love of Shanghai included in the database. This shows that these pure the text of the chain still can be accepted in the new love Shanghai, love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, the text chain and not its congenital defects and discarded, in fact from a certain angle in weight also gained certain promotion.

Pomegranate algorithm

love Shanghai redefined the chain judgment method, let the webmaster friends know a truth, that is the site of the chain must be natural and meaningful, a high under the weight of the chain although the quality is very high, but on your site is not what it is not recommended and guidance can be counted as the high quality of the chain, it is so many forums have canceled the signature chain, and even nofollow attribute add some blog in the chain, from the re definition of love Shanghai algorithm foreign chain is the chain standard change seems to be the text chain have a greater impact because, for the love of Shanghai, the text chain has been an important reference index for the love of Shanghai, then in the new algorithm, the text of the chain is not what will be the effect of

this shows an important fact, that is the pure text outside the chain of.

first look at the pure text of the chain effect in the new algorithm, love Shanghai, is not changed, if the webmaster friends did not use webmaster tools will be able to text the role of the chain are analyzed, as long as you posted on the website of some original content, and then add the corresponding plain text in the chain the content behind when the content included, see is not the pure text of the chain is also love Shanghai search engines, from the examination results, is included in the state. If the webmaster friends don’t trust on their own website, so A5 to write a high quality technical articles submitted to A5, if your article is approved after the analysis you use webmaster tools to check.


still holding two blogs do another experiment, a blog in the chain is very prominent, but the recommended content and content of the article, the chain of the opposite, another blog, the chain of nature, and the contents of the link is a supplement to talk about blog content, in under this background, before the discovery of a blog is not included, but after a blog text outside the chain is included.

At the same time

then the pure text of the chain is not why Shanghai abandoned love? Love of spiders in Shanghai according to the text of the chain to the site search? The author made a realization. It is in a portal site also registered two blog, and a blog with ordinary hypertext of the chain, the other is released with a pure text of the chain, and find that the latter was also included. Not because of pure text chain is rough that useless.

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