For the best time love Shanghai K station increase your magic

1: through nearly a year of blogging and last year, love Shanghai update, I feel a trick: love Shanghai himself in the dark, so they made the policy has been in the original K and the new owners, many people are very bitter, the original is in love with their hard sea K 10 Fen did not. But many large well-known stations are especially industry gathering, but included crazy love Shanghai high, is not affected.

A few tricks a few things and find

love in Shanghai often change, we should also often change it, when I saw the love of Shanghai to K station, I have added to the original content, of course, my website to tell the truth, I reproduced, in addition to increase the original content, but also to how to send the chain, the chain high quality, and fast updating station, their latest articles sent to my website, so I can quickly back to the station, from the Shanghai K station to say goodbye to love.


sometimes I also think that love is not the level of Shanghai does not work, he is in the dark, so we update the content as I said, then add a part, this part we must choose the reprint station, the election of the station, I was right to choose the same major, with his own website theme the.

novice webmaster is bitter, but we do not despair, our small arms, but we are also the middle power, we have to find more, increase the amount of accumulation.

answer: because of their high weight, your new pre weight low, so any of your things in the eyes of others, even if the original not worth a hair.

I have to do, we can refer to:

method: the new owners, not all going to the original 80%, the original is enough, really good to the original included only in Google.

is a small summary of their own, the ultimate killer version has not been out, going to a small range of share.

remember a few days ago to discuss the incident and Wentao, especially my blog included, and the index weight fluctuated, a day to 0 to thousands of thousands, and then back again, two days before the K light. But when I do a thing, let me stand immediately restore vitality, before the day of Shanghai included 0, more than 600 today, the largest ever again. Here is the dry cargo.

2: in the face of a new trick love Shanghai K station:

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