How the site traffic statistics from the log

(Figure two)


(Figure 1)

F column is the current IP address to access the page, the I column F column is access to the source, the F page is over the flow through the I page. For example:

format shall be as follows This is a

51 installation site statistics code, can be seen on page optimization suggestions love Shanghai webmaster tools in a statistical code need 3 request. We assume that the 3 request required 0.01 seconds (or more). If every search engine from your web site to grab 10000 pages, you need to take 10000*0.01=100 seconds. We need to download a page for a second time in accordance with the search engine, if you do not install the statistical code, the search engine can crawl 100 pages. See the data, you will install third party web site statistics code? My advice, if your site is only dozens or hundreds of articles, installation of statistical code is a good choice. If your web site more than 1000 articles, I suggest you do not install, analysis of site traffic directly from the log, is a very fun thing.


from the log analysis tool is the EXCEL site traffic needs. I believe this is an indispensable tool for webmasters analysis log. Today we are going to analyze the contents of Web sources is recorded on the log, the site traffic and other information will not be discussed.

first, we need to make the web log into EXCEL, specific methods can refer to "using EXCEL" Web log analysis of this article. In the import log files when you need to pay attention to the second step of the Import Wizard, see figure


After the success of

said a IP address for 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-8667106-1-1.html users through this page to visit the website homepage. Figure two shows the IP address: users love Shanghai to search for a keyword access site first >

see this topic, some people might say, we directly install a third party on the website (51, cnzz) code can not Statistics Statistics website traffic, why go to the analysis log? Oh, I’ll give you a few figures, will not say to you after reading.





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