10 details of website URL optimization


6, URL 301 jump

The content page

keyword is more conducive to our website ranking, whether it is web spider, or web site visitors, love are simple and intuitive URL. Level URL should not be too much, try to maintain a reasonable, too long or too many layers of the structure will cause the page to weight reduction. A taboo to avoid Shanghai dragon can not be too greedy, greedy will fail miserably!

domain name should be more reasonable, so that the domain name easier for users to remember, more in line with the nature of the product to you, not to put keywords long registered domain name, but also not to put keywords, will be in the domain into some symbols so that it is difficult for users to remember our website.

5, two level domain name

, 1 URL descriptiveThe

where conditions permit, directory name, the file name can be added into the title and content related keywords. Noble Babi Corp Matt Cutts had hinted in his own blog, the number of keywords in URL for website ranking.

, the domain name 3

URL includes domain name, directory name and file name, where possible, with descriptive words, especially the directory name and file name. Let the user see URL, you can roughly understand what is the content of this page.

keyword insertion

2, in the URL

when we inadvertently lead to changes or sudden revision URL. We must make 301 jump this time. 301 jump is the representative of the permanent address changes, it will clearly tell the search engine spiders our website changed to >

URL how to optimize? This is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER have been discussing the problem, because the optimization of our Url will be beneficial to our website optimization, and how to optimize the URL more in line with our strategy for Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and Phoenix, URL will directly affect the influence of search engine on our website long tail keywords. The search for users, URL optimization is good or bad, will give us some hint of potential users. Therefore, a good URL structure both for search engines, or users, have a very important role, and to our website at the beginning of the construction must be positioned URL optimization strategy for us, then we will pay attention to the details of 10 URL website optimization.

two domain appears to be high in pursuit of Chinese website, because the two level domain is usually carried out in a special expertise in a specific content, which makes the search engine give great attention to our website two level domain name, which is more conducive to our products or a special focus to do the optimization of our website.

URL in length to ensure rationalityAlthough we put URL into the

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