Think of the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade Shanghai dragon industry as down to earth


focus on the high quality of the original work in the same Shanghai dragon. Many webmaster in order to cope with the search engine, using the method of pseudo original produced a large number of false original article, although the search engine will think is original, but now the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, users see the pseudo original is very difficult, it is conceivable that Shanghai will give the site a love good row >

before collecting a large number of content, with a number of post machine chain will be able to get a good ranking website in search engine. But now it is different from the past, with the search engine more and more intelligent, previous optimization method has faded out. We want the site to get good rankings in search engines, you need Shanghai Longfeng workers to pay more attention to the optimization of the ground.

in the past many in the construction of the chain in the process in order to save, round the clock does not stop the release of the chain by mass tools, the most frequently used tool is the forum message. But the chain thus obtained is the low quality of the chain, a survival period is not long, and the weight value is not high. Because of good management is very strict, the chain is usually not allowed, and even posted up, can easily be removed, which leads to our chain is not stable, the chain number and high and low, and now the search engine is more and more valued stable, this to our Shanghai Longfeng work is extremely unfavorable. The cool 90 community also used the forum message tools to release the chain, the chain is very unstable, serious decline in the rankings. Before the station was "90" one word ever in love in Shanghai in third, but has fallen to fourteenth, The loss outweighs the gain.

to write high quality original



on the construction of the high quality chain

by the large mass mass tool chain to a certain extent can only play the role of comfort owners can not bring obvious help, to work in Shanghai Longfeng us, or even to produce some negative effects. So the webmaster should go to the construction of some high quality of the chain. I think the best of the chain is obtained through the submission of high quality the chain, the chain that survive for very long periods of time. Usually the webmaster will own experience written into article submissions to the A5 webmaster is the best choice, so it can be a lot of other people we reproduced, also won a considerable number of chain. Contribute to a certain degree of difficulty, which requires Shanghai Longfeng workers put in more effort.

method to obtain the high quality of the chain are also many, such as the webmaster can with some version of the main forum for good relations, or make written webmaster friends, so the chain construction of our high quality is much easier. In short, you want to get a good search engine ranking, you need to get down to Shanghai Longfeng workers building the chain, after all, now more and more intelligent search engine.

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