How to make an analysis of the valuable data of Web site operators


know some simple tracking website internal links to click behavior, you are a little data analysis of consciousness, because you have begun to realize tracking interactive behavior between the website and the user is necessary, but only link monitoring is not enough; < /p>

I call this "

, however, for the novice friends, this is a troublesome problem, through the installation of statistics code, every day can collect a large number of Web data, but more and more big, not to mention the problems found from the inside. This phenomenon will directly affect a very important part of your website operation, optimization. Or say that you are all based on the optimization of subjective judgment, there is no data to support the "I think" everything is a reason; after all, your data analysis without purpose, today I will talk about what kind of data analysis is valuable, I hope to help novice friends.

more than two kinds of behavior are in fact wrong, the fundamental reason is a data analysis: no purpose! So a cause is in front of you is a bunch of data, without any reference value.

well, the question is, what should we do, in order to become operational data analysis qualified? Here to share a history of ideas before me, hope to enlighten you:

analysis did not move, the goal ahead", what do you mean? Don’t worry is the first to add statistical code, first think of a problem, you need to understand what information through data analysis? >

, do you want to know what the data analysis?

big data era has arrived, but today we do not talk things on so tall, ha ha, I won’t, we’re going to talk about today is the website data analysis. We know that it is an essential part of site operation, how to know the operation effect, the best way is through data analysis.

data driven decision is definitely not an empty, only the extraction of valuable data, in order to constantly find problems, and to solve the problem.

obtained from the statistics on the site of a section of code, on the website after the matter, I think most novice friends when doing data analysis is done, just simple look at yesterday’s traffic how every day, the day before yesterday compared to increase or decrease, in fact, I used to do that however, this is not strictly a data analysis, but data collection!

, just add a simple statistical analysis of total station code;

two, follow some simple link click behavior;

before about how to carry on the data analysis, we first say a few common scene, if you still like this website data analysis below, then you are not qualified:

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