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enterprise website content is not much, the key is to do the internal layout, internal Shanghai dragon to complete the whole work of the 40% Shanghai dragon. General good DED source program, you also need to consider the actual needs, such as scalability, stability and safety, there is a program for data processing capability, so must be considered. In addition, choose the best program can achieve pseudo static or completely static, do this in the process of Shanghai dragon is very important.

navigation is very important to the user, the general order is the product center – News – order – FAQ notes – contact. Some owners in order to optimize the the news center in the second column, this is actually a misunderstanding, spider crawling and home will give priority to more recent columns, closer here refers to the click distance, so even in the navigation by comparison, weight is not decreased with the position.

enterprise website content is relatively small, the overall difficulty of the optimization is relatively easy, but in the update site also cannot let down. Not too > in the update

domain name registration after the success (recommended filing put domestic needs to do), the domain name 301, select the preferred domain a standard for your web site, so more concentrated distribution of weight. In addition, it will make the 404 page page, remember to write down your company profile, bring the best contact, whether for the user experience, or to the search engine, has its own value. If the site access error existing dead links, it will return a 404 status code, this time is automatically adjusted to 404 to 404 pages, robots is shielded, so it’s good for Shanghai dragon.

compared with the Shanghai dragon layout page is generally divided into two columns, or three columns. On the left is the list of products, is in the middle of the picture or content. The product content page layout need to make some changes, is still the two bar structure, but the left is the theme of the content of the page, such as the information, the right is the list, this is to make the benefits of the earlier found and indexed by search engines. If the list on the left, it will affect the weight values of the single page. In addition, the need to add a similar article below or random calls, to increase the number of total included.

The frequency of updates

with more and more companies began to get involved in the Internet, the development of Shanghai dragon is growing fast, today to share with you some of my experience is that Shanghai dragon, the enterprise website optimization. His past in the company to optimize the time very carefully to perform each step, have achieved good results, today I summarize and share with you, hope more guidance.

URL standard


practical navigation settings


good Shanghai Longfeng layout

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