Soft outside the chain is no longer cost effective double dream analysis method

also has a lot of people see the construction of the chain to engage in investment, it will let many people away, these people love the depth of excavation construction method chain free thought, BBS signature of the chain, the chain and the number of text as long as the lifting of the chain can let the site get good weight, always think that love is only a spider in Shanghai it is the intelligent algorithm, can not be more than our brains, so we use some deceptive methods still can be obtained to enhance the effect of the chain price, in fact these people often spend a lot of time wasted on useless work, causing the site long time no improvement, and ultimately lose the courage to do a website, collapse edge.

is the first to find a good delivery platform, the platform is becoming more and more important role in today’s Internet platform, not only represents a high weight, but also for high flow, is more representative of the potential of these are reproduced, reproduced in the soft outer chain quality is quite high, more than the chain in many the forum and blog, publish their own effect completely worth thousands of the chain in the free platform optimization chain a reproduced, this is alarmist, those who need to know the number of the chain is either free or very unstable, garbage, optimization results in even counterproductive.

I think the soft chain still have a brilliant future, and in the next few years, the soft chain can bring the optimization effect to the unusual site, the biggest advantage is that the soft outside the chain chain construction and marketing effect, so how to make soft outside the chain doubled? Soft quality is the foundation, do not the discussion below focuses on is how to make the chain doubled.

web site of the chain can be said to be an immense number of books, but these articles have a lot of defects, is the specific method of its often unclear description, performance is relatively poor, such as some articles that engage in soft, as long as the quality of soft promotion, not even the chain, the chain will grow exponentially, but when in accordance with the said method in the article to do some people start, but found himself not only more money, but there may be with the love of the Shanghai algorithm, and therefore website is down right, its investment is just like Yao Ming’s 30 million investment, to nothing.

second should pay attention to the submission method, there are a lot of free high weight platform on the Internet, including the portal site, since there is such a good platform, then enhance the submission of audit is very important the success rate is, therefore prior to submission should be carefully observed, in general the more the number of audit efforts will be submitted to the soft. The higher, there should be fewer in the time of submission Submission on the choice of the time, such as the morning and noon, because many authors are nocturnal, so at night for more audit efforts is also high, so the morning is a good choice, in addition to the relevant contribution but also pay attention to choose a good platform to ensure the soft section and the column content and the chain has a relevance to the content.

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