According to their own situation to adjust and optimize the structure

only included the home page




then today is shared, the railway station according to their own website optimize it today? According to the above analysis into a

want to share today’s theme of "community garbage classification solution providers continue to follow the main keywords shared" trash "website, the website after 20 days of unrest, also have a certain ranking effect! But still feel there is a problem! You can see the status of the website (below:

3, the chain increased at


1, snapshot not update


If your site is similar to the )



at present, in the spider included in the column page, the article page at the same time, return to the site itself, the original station, this paper is devoted to the rationalization of the chain, website optimization pre novice, veteran, senior master, do not spray, but in this paper can tidianyijian. Shanghai Shanghai Dragon: Shanghai dragon

1, keep the station every day to update the original article, article two, according to the spider frequent access time to update the article, if you find the spider day website has two frequent updates, please put the two articles distributed in these two frequently released.

4, for the chain surge problem? For the old station is a good thing, but for the new surge in the chain is not necessarily a good thing! Why the site outside the chain will suddenly increase, the reason is: I am in the forum to do outside the chain, the previous optimized website links to the optimization of the site, in love Shanghai reincluding, the chain increased so this time. Our chain can do less, but must be of high quality the chain,

website, you can try

2, for uncollected column page or update the article with appropriate methods through the lead spider the spider lead to the column page, the article page. Can be achieved through the chain. For example: if your column page is not included, the column page links to write in the forum under the signature. Another point to the site of the current situation, can reduce the description text links, with super chain or bare strand. Is the chain chain site mainly to

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