The relationship between anchor text links and website ranking

Internet is like a vast ocean, and many of the website is merged into the ocean that a drop of water droplets, we may see that any water alone is not worth mentioning, but is small drops of water in these humble combined together into the endless sea of Wang Yang.


as everyone knows love Shanghai very seriously Links, this is exactly in line with the Chinese in the traditional culture of a word "people with type, if Birds of a feather flock together." point of view, there are links pointing to your site in some weight high website, which means that the website for your site recognition this is the website of anchor text links on your web site, an introduction, there is a saying that good, sincere friendship from the continuous self introduction, the secret of success from the continuous self promotion, so that is conducive to the love of Shanghai on the site of the spider crawling, impact on the ranking also love Shanghai obviously.

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through the introduction of the above, we have been very clear, the user can understand the theme of the site is linked from the anchor text links, the same love of spiders in Shanghai too, however, may be due to our way of thinking, may be in the choice of keywords and text connection is single, or has been using a keyword or a words, as a result of our search is the same goal, because the user uses keyword search is not determined, therefore, lead to different users with different keyword search, with a website ranking order is not the same, for example, search Hefei network company and Hefei construction site, many sites the rankings are not the same. In order to improve the ranking website, may staff in this one will need to consider the optimization on the site. In future work we need to be careful.

page optimization personnel may often say a word, what is called the anchor text link anchor text links? In fact it is super link, it is to build a bridge between the text keywords and links, the hyperlink can be a keyword, can also be a word of his the role is to guide the user clicked on specific point where he actually said to impact on the site is still very large, take myself in the network company, when we look at the ranking of own website general input network company in Hefei and Hefei to view the website construction ranking is not the same, according to the the truth that we want to query the search engine goal and the result is the same, but why does not rank the same? It has a relationship with the anchor text link mentioned above .

from the above example we just from a hyperlink to you and discuss why we search Hefei network company and Hefei construction site, many companies ranked one of the reasons, but very different, in the actual factors in the network rankings is numerous, we need to work continuously and make a summary discussion.

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