How to write an article to the grassroots favor

users are lazy, they just want to simply get the result, right or wrong, or not on the line, you do not need to write long up reason, users cannot read nor love. Shanghai know that love is a good example, direct a question and answer, simply tell the user to answer or add a simple reason. Writing is the same, do not give the user the pressure reading, can simply tell the user simply, don’t expect them to find the answer in your article, because they are very lazy.

four, users are not experts

recently, the construction of website content and user experience has attracted more and more attention of the webmaster. No matter for web content or user experience, the site is a very important point, almost all of the webmaster to write more or less, but the wooden Shanghai dragon found a lot of people to write articles not for users, but for the search engine in writing. Think how to add some keywords, how to make search engines quickly included, how to add anchor text need and so on in there. Of course, the appropriate optimization needs to be done, but you may ignore a problem, search engine is for customer service, the user view of the search engine judgment play a big role in your article if access to users, search engines will refuse? Then how to write access to users

Three, you are not an expert

remember, you are not an expert, do not take themselves as experts. When writing the article not to let the user feel very cattle deliberately to write some very difficult things in the theory of partial. The results do not even know what they write, they are foggy, hastily finally end, a garbage article was born. Ask why to let the user cannot read? Your article is not in the service of users? Don’t go with experts are not experts, writing to write their own good, to understand their own speaks most incisive analysis, closely reasoned and well argued, the user can see, it’s not better yet. The real experience is the most users want to see.


two, the user is diligent

said user is diligent? Is very simple, to the needs of users at the same time you meet the characteristics he is lazy, so many users naturally want to read your articles, every day to visit your site. In other words, as long as your article to attract users, he would like to see more. For example, one of the serial novels, such as XXX XXX two. For example, the XXX…, XXX tablets like the article is more likely to cause the user’s interest in reading, why? Because they can be hard to.


, you are not an expert, your users are not experts, experts will come to see you, so when writing is to pass.


, a user is lazy

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