How to optimize a picture is Shanghai dragon love Shanghai perfect collection

caused by occlusion

2, according to the picture is described, including context description, explanation, alt attribute, pictures title, and picture anchor


1, as clear as possible. In Shanghai love image search ranking, more HD pictures can be preferred to show

search engine for users love is valuable and high quality web content, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know this point. Shanghai dragon Er friends all know to write text to be loved in Shanghai included, almost everyone are quite understand what kind of love love Shanghai included articles, but we understand the love Shanghai pictures included? How is the picture of the optimization and love Shanghai pictures included traffic? The following several contents about finishing love Shanghai image optimization you want to help Shanghai dragon er.

2, picture size should be matched with the performance of the content, not the bigger the better, the small size of the picture will not necessarily discrimination

the visual texture of the material from the mining commune 贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝 picture should be good, we can corresponding to below each dot.

two: "

three: picture in the website

1, keep the love Shanghai timely capture of the site and analysis included, web search and image search share a love Shanghai search engine

2, the web server is stable, smooth open speed. This can also bring a good user experience

4, the main content is outstanding, the visual sense of good. If there is no watermark, watermark should be the subject of

4, do not use asynchronous loading way to show the picture link don’t write in JS

1, where the pages should be "consistent theme


3, is the so-called rare, there is no exception for the love of Shanghai search engine. The scarcity of rare resources picture most love Shanghai image search favor, but never forget to pictures with reliable text

: a picture itself


3, where the page is not set permissions for

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