Website optimization on the road without the spirit of innovation

We often emphasize that the process of ?As everyone knows

is good at careful observation of people, are often easily made some achievements of people. The three laws of Newton in his birth when the apple in question; "king of the invention of Edison’s life has one thousand inventions, on the side of things from his careful observation and curiosity. For these men, we all admire, but how many people would expect to learn the spirit and quality of them? If we put the spirit of careful observation and work that will not half, Xiaoyouchengjiu? Take the website optimization for it, as long as we keep an eye to observe, perhaps inadvertently will win a job on the breakthrough and innovation opportunities. For example, I did not do BBS signature, but found that many people use the anchor text link in the process of irrigation in the forum site, when the love of Shanghai domain website, found that the domain name appears in the forum will also be included in the search engine, so I made a small innovation on the forum signature: keyword +. Appear in the form of forum signature, such as: Wuhan Fubao network company www.***贵族宝贝].

soft chain is the effective method to improve and optimize site outside the chain, to be good at technical but lack of literary talent of Shanghai dragon Er, although not write writing beautiful beautiful text of the article, but they can take their own technical expertise into words released to the corresponding website, then leave a link. This is not a breakthrough and innovation? Also had a high quality of the chain.

three, based on the inherent innovation

"Wen Road has, specialize in", no matter what, no matter how good you are, but only limited to the field as you know, some things you are not familiar with or weaker than others. Similarly, the Shanghai dragon website optimization, maybe some people in code, some people in art, some people to open-minded, this is their special advantages, their respective strengths are outstanding for the website optimization effect. But, how many Shanghai dragon Er can jump out of knowledge and thinking of the inherent limitations, standing on a higher level to look at the problem and solve the problem of

, a study in innovation

in the site of the chain is the chain is very important, but more important is the content and quality of the site itself, it is often said that the content of the website is.

, two in technology innovationThe ancients cloud

in Shanghai as long as love search search, relevant website optimization specific technical articles meet the eye everywhere. This is not going to talk too much about the specific technology website optimization Website optimization, but want to talk about on the road should have the spirit of innovation! Most people would think that this is a very trivial heavy manual labor, and in fact, as long as the proper methods, will also do the easy and pleasant. Let innovation throughout the site optimization of the road has always been, you will get.

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