The server is not stable in the website snapshot of stagnation of serious consequences

from this point can also reflect a problem is to love Shanghai snapshots and website ranking has no direct relationship.

see my website snapshot back to Shanghai love understanding before. The effect of ranking of my site


most often encountered website snapshot, snapshot stop updating status. Of course, the reason for the formation of this phenomenon are many, there is usually a certain reason is because the server instability caused by, or not open, I have a website as the server upgrade a few days ago, the night is not open. The last snapshot of my site back to the formation of understanding before. So that the server is not stable to website snapshot stalled serious consequences, cut the crap, directly above:


strange to say, although the snapshot back to before liberation, the title of the site have changed, but my website ranking or no change.


from the above we clearly see the snapshot of my site is 2003-2-21, said the date of 2003-2-21. Many people may remember. Because a lot of people to return to the 2003-2-21 website snapshot, mostly because the server is out of the question. I really do not know what it is to love Shanghai 2003-2-21 days. The server may be due to a problem in the website of love Shanghai snapshot back to this date. Hope to know 2003-2-21 love Shanghai what friends say.

from above that we later to change the server, not in the love of spiders in Shanghai frequently at night to love, and Shanghai frequently updated Thursday to Saturday this time.

that my website ranking will fall? I am very worried about this problem. Do not know the ranking will not fall. Now no drop may be due to love Shanghai in recent days no big update. We can boldly guess if my website snapshot does not change over the title in Shanghai the next big update, may I website ranking will fall. The above is the Amoy blessing 贵族宝贝taofuqi贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please save a link.

many people ask what do optimization is the most important? Every optimization idea may vary. What is included on your site, or your web site outside of the chain, or to construct your site is good? In fact, structure, the chain, included in the optimization are the same important, but in these important premise, there is a more important condition is the need for a stable service.


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