Attention should be paid to share URL construction of the 4 requirements

URL, a construction simplification static

webmaster do not think that only the construction site content can exist the user experience this problem, the construction of URL also need to pay attention to the user experience. So we in the design of their own website URL, must be combined with the site overall hierarchical structure and feature set to do, give the user a clear spider and URL page, let us "no its people first heard the sound", the main content of website in advance, reduce the rate of jump out of the site.


finally talk about the directory level, here I said the directory hierarchy is actually refers to a physical directory structure, but not the logical structure, we design the URL stop, website >

, as long as no more than 1000 letters are legitimate. But the URL setting is clearly not so many words, and in the actual operation, the author found that many web pages are using a lot of parameters, led to the site URL is very long, not only the user is unable to get additional useful information, but also affect the access speed of the page, causing the user experience is not high. Someone has done a survey that click URL short rate is 2.5 times longer URL, and now many people love simple, a long URL is not conducive to the spread of the website.

second, there is the problem of static URL. Although in the actual operation process, we sometimes forced to choose some dynamic URL, but only to chance I suggest you choose the static URL, although the dynamic effects of URL on the search engine is not great, but the static URL can effectively shorten the length of the address, will let the website effectively avoid risk search the engine of the black hole.

static URL is also mandatory for certain, is that the parameters in the URL ranging from less, generally about 3 love can be, the more you will slow down the site access speed and load address.

But the design of Although the official URL

two URL structure clear

in addition, when the construction of URL to purify their key words, analysis and summarize some key points of integration in URL, will be really important words attached in the path, don’t make you do not even know what the website content is URL. As the example above, I will be "two heads" and "housekeeper" key words embedded in URL.

URL explained in the Encyclopedia of inside is a uniform resource locator, it is simple to the web address, some owners may say a web site need to pay attention to what I want to say, but don’t underestimate the URL, for it on the web site optimization can play a vital role, then optimization we should pay attention to what the problem, now I would like to explain to you.

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