How to maximize the role of the soft Shanghai Dragon

, two different websites, the title slightly changed

a lot of people because they do not webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng class website, after which the soft write, plus links directly sent out, this is very bad, because you write soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng with your site can be said to be unrelated, irrelevant links will slowly be search engine reduce weight, this is not the result we want, we must be able to maximize the soft power, then, can be like me, a two level directory of Shanghai dragon blog, soft hair in the blog, then the soft to this blog the chain, so that the link is very soft and related, the correlation is very high the link will get higher weight, this is the traditional take two level directory of the blog in the form of master station.

, released to some Adsense website

soft power is not how I said, everyone knows this, published a soft text in A5 and Chinaz, there will be a lot of websites to collect, acquisition and take away one of the links, and a soft, can bring the chain very much, but for most of the webmaster is to write a soft, very not easy, since it is not easy to write a soft Wen, we certainly want to make his value can be maximized, so how do we do that?

about these points, of course, the most important is to write a good soft text, write wonderful topic selection, to attract more people to resonate, so soft there will be more people to help you spread, many people will say that others are generally spread outside the chain is deleted, but someone does not delete, so put the soft Wen written is the best way to play its role.

in A5 the title is "how to get through the Shanghai dragon fast ranking, then I Chinaz to change the title," the Shanghai dragon how to quickly obtain the website ranking, this may be a lot of people can not understand, according to the observation of I love mules, many network stations will also collect A5 and Chinaz, of course is automatically collected, so it is not the same article, identified only by title, if the title, then it will only collect a, if the two site of soft Wen title is not the same, so the two article will be collected in the past, so let us a site outside the chain, do this to us, on A5, is good for Chinaz, but the pain of those small station every day, collecting duplicate content.

webmaster know the soft can be released to the A5 and Chinaz, but in addition to the two station, there are many small webmaster website, they have also accepted a submission, we can all go, in addition to the website, there are many forums, we can also go to a hair, a lot of weight is very high webmaster forums can send the.

three, established two directory blog, and soft on the blog

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