11 Shanghai resident love is a good thing

forever the choice of home four positions and love Shanghai 11: the reason is very simple, for example, a user searches for a long tail keywords they must first click is the first three, because many users of the title is just about to look at, and then enter the website, found that after entering is not what you want will close second a. Then third, the middle small, they will pull down, a click Custom makes all things easy. the last one, I was as a search for users to judge, because I was such a search, you do not know how to search it, much of the user search habits, you will find opportunities I read the first page after I open the page second unable to restrain the emotions, will not hesitate to click on the first one, even the love of 11 Shanghai the site, with your own thinking to think of it is not so. This is just forever evaluation, not entirely accurate.


second user search is a problem, then he will put all connected to the first page open, full view of information content and then to one by one, when many will find the page at the click of a page as second pages, the web site will also love Shanghai 11 open oh. This is my habit, I like to search for a good method about weight loss, I will open a page and then go to a page, there is no information you want to immediately shut down. Other users like this? Is like this, because they are looking for answers, can not find the answer will not give up, use the search engine optimization must be in one you want to see this is the answer. Unless you are just search. As the method and more knowledge of the needs of users. A more accurate solution.

own ranking love Shanghai 11

users also love love Shanghai 11

how to do?

what is love Shanghai 11

if your website ranking in Shanghai love 11, please don’t feel sad, to feel happy, because through their own efforts to an index of keywords optimization to love Shanghai 11 is a very easy thing, want to enter the home page is actually a step away, put on

Shanghai Longfeng optimization we were thinking of their ranking in the love of Shanghai home and even the first, we know that only the ranking will flow more. Facing love Shanghai 11 the problem that many owners think ranked 11 is very good, can’t even bring traffic to a site through the love of Shanghai, in fact, on the contrary thinking, if you let me choose a ranking of words will choose the digital home, 1-3 and tenth, and then second pages the first (love Shanghai 11), we all know that in Shanghai love search engine promotion link is in addition to the above 10 natural web pages of the 10 page 10 natural sites are flow, the answer is correct, we according to the search behavior of users click to determine whether the user will be enter your web site.

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