Case analysis of site railway station and fell in love with the sea quantity index gap

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from the sea level index fell in love with love, every day in Shanghai included the number is rising, indicating that the search engine spiders every day to crawl the content on the website, this is a very good sign for a new station, but when we exchange Links, many owners see the site command, see to fall in love with the sea background index, resulting in many owners do not agree with the swap chain. This website has become a fatal weakness, if the site number is relatively small, the index data is relatively large, and gradually increased, please calm, that the new index of your normal, over a period of time the index page will be gradually put out. Faced with this situation we er Shanghai Longfeng how can die? In order to speed up the search engine on the website of the hobby, how should we start?

, a high quality the chain

for the high quality of the chain, I personally think that the best is soft Wen promotion and Links, of course, if you are a new word, we can find some included, love Shanghai normal snapshot update related industry site exchange chain, and soft Wen promotion is to create one of the best methods of high quality, under normal circumstances the journal article in A5, the forwarding rate is very good, and are of high quality large website, if a new, can get a lot of high quality the chain, to improve the ranking, improve the collection has a great effect.

this is the new site and fell in love with the sea gap analysis index of the amount of net investment by international famous examples, as Shanghai dragon Er we should take measures, this article by international famous investment network (

international wine merchants, site love Shanghai included number:

love Shanghai statistics version 3 officially launched after the launch of love sea index query function, you can accurately see the web site search engine spiders number included, of course there are many webmaster here, for the new station, Shanghai site love and fall in love with the different sea index, general index statistics to love Shanghai the volume of more than the webmaster tools included, this also let many owners worry, from the index amount is the site is very normal, but through the webmaster tools, web site included a large number of decline, and even included only home page, the face of this phenomenon, we should be how to judge

here original articles from an excellent website editing, so we often say that the website editors and the Shanghai dragon Er is indivisible, and for a new station, the original article is particularly important, how to quickly let the website to get the favour of search engine, see update rules and the content of the site.



through the love of Shanghai statistical index of the amount of

two, the original article

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