Business case operation zero starting point dessert earning 150 thousandSilicon Valley entrepreneur

to C micro-blog little noticed, only a few of his friends and some of the micro-blog system with the zombie fans, but AHU support, from time to time and AHU micro-blog interactive, AHU often send >


I only know people in specific fields: start-ups, founders, programmers, and professors. I’d like to believe that successful people in other fields have despicable people, such as hedge fund managers, but I don’t know. Moreover, the most successful drug lords seem to be very mean. But at least most of the world is not ruled by despicable people, and this part of the territory seems to be still expanding.

we’ve met a lot of mean people, but few of them have the most successful people we know. What’s wrong with this? What’s the reverse relationship between meanness and success?

, my wife, Y Combinator co-founder Jessica Jessica is a very rare kind of person, she seems to have insight into character. Marry her as close to the airport baggage scanner station, she came from investment banking business start-up, she always become good, successful start-ups and bad start-ups cannot become the founder of the founder of success surprised.

if the last barbecue is AHU just met WeChat dividend window of opportunity to become the station outlet pig, pure luck, the real case of this new category share today and has made some progress, must have to do something. This paper will demonstrate the effectiveness and process of a WeChat public number operation through the real data from the WeChat order background. Note: on the way the case can view the "barbecue AHU, leveraging micro-blog WeChat marketing practice of O2O make the roadside stalls to revive"

C is a girl who has just graduated from senior high school. She is majoring in law and has obtained the certificate of professional profession. She can formally report to the law office for her internship. Because C is a beauty girl, always on their teeth are not satisfied, with braces, become a "sister". Braces easily affect the enunciation pronunciation, although firms can go to do simple clerical work, but the beauty of the C do not want to go with braces and opted for free at home.

below is the original text:

Tencent technology December 2nd, known as the "godfather of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley," said Paul · Graham Paul Graham wrote that the bad character of the entrepreneurs, most likely will not succeed.


chance, C inadvertently learned that micro-blog @ AHU barbecue, and a little bit to see micro-blog, WeChat will use the AHU barbecue roadside barbecue big business. His enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, C is determined to do what, finally found their own good craft is ferial has tinkered with the dessert, why not try to start from the dessert? With the idea, C came to the roadside stalls to find the idea of AHU to discuss, after analysis, AHU feel feasible. In support of the AHU persuade C, more firm confidence, home after the start of Taobao order dessert making tools, began the development of new varieties, after trying, after the waste tank N cream, finally found the one and only a cream made for C satisfying taste sweet and creamy. Not greasy, unique taste, which become the basis for the rapid formation of large mouth effect days after the C.

has the main product and solve the cream, C began to try in their micro-blog upload menu, put a few cake photos uploaded to micro-blog, micro-blog officially renamed the "full blessing dessert" indicates his dessert is slowly the taste of happiness, since the official start at home part-time to earn extra money.


/ Wang Mingwei,

despicable founder will >

introduction: a dessert, zero starting point start, from product development to the sale of micro-blog, and WeChat registered public access number, delivery system, from a few sporadic single to peak time in 10 thousand, the average monthly income of 150 thousand, earning the off-season is close to 100 thousand. This article from the daily operations bit by bit written, highly valuable reference learning.

why is that so? I think there may be several reasons:


first, being mean makes you stupid. That’s why I hate fighting. In a fight, you can never do your best, because that will only make you look inadequate. Winning ideas always work and have a huge impact on the participants. You can’t win battles by thinking about big ideas, but the occasional skill may come into play in a particular situation.

Abstract it is absolutely important for any startup to have the best people to help.

produces entrepreneurial ideas

NiuDao begun to taste the sweetness of

in real life, fighting is like work. For those who take great care of how you use your brain, this is especially painful: your brain works at high speed, but you accomplish nothing, just like cars on idle wheels. Start-ups can’t win by attacking, but they can win by going beyond. There are exceptions, of course, but the usual way to win is to try to take the lead rather than stop and fight.

in recent years, I have a shocking discovery: few of the successful people I know are very despicable. There are few exceptions, even if there are exceptions. Despicable is not uncommon. In fact, the Internet has shown us how far people can be despicable. Decades ago, only celebrities and professional writers were able to make their point. And now, everyone can do that. We can look at the long, dirty tail that has been deeply hidden.

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