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so, in the general direction, I believe in the future economy of China and the reform and opening policy of the party

Fosun was founded in 20th anniversary, I asked myself a question, but also put this question to the members of the board of directors: choose to retire, or choose to venture? Before Liang Xinjun Fosun Group Vice Chairman and chief executive officer also talked about this issue, because when I don’t think, what is missing. But sometimes busy work leads to poor life quality, why, how should I arrange my life

1 and Buddha as the heart. Buddhists compassion, we start from the bottom of my heart is willing to do something for the community, if not this value, you will appoint death.

Webpage Game Mobile Games, R & D, distribution and operation of the main business of the company, is facing new and old product lean situation, everyone choose to return to their home games overseas delisting, listed on the new board. The return of the veteran soldier is still in the air,

in addition, the revolution in 2014, the book shows that in 2015, 2016 1~4 month the game contribution income to total operating income of 68.54%, 74.80%, 63.09%, 2014 all gaming revenues of 207 million yuan, 2015 revenue was only 107 million yuan, down 48.26%.

a lot of people once told me, "what’s good for a business? It’s easy for the government to take care of you.". I asked him at the time, "I’ve done a good job. Why should the government work on me?" this is inconsistent with the values of our country’s reform and opening-up policy. You have to believe that as long as your business is not easy, not to make mistakes, the government will not get you.

according to everyone game open transfer book shows that in 2016 1~4 months, everyone games revenue 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, 6 million 437 thousand yuan net profit. And these revenues, from five years ago to develop four games. Prospectus shows, game all current income primarily from "mumbo-jumbo adventures" and "chaotic world" "iron" "war Marshal Genesis" four games and four games, according to the on-line time, were also in the period from 2009 to 2012, which is the most peak period for all games.


this is what is called world view and values. I feel like starting a business is all about earning money, and it’s going to be hard to stay motivated all the time. The real motivation for entrepreneurship must come from the bottom of your heart. It’s really worth it. So, when we set up 20th anniversary in Fosun, we chose to start a new business. We hope to bring Fosun to a new height.

2015 everyone game plan spin off listing, March 2016, everyone game to complete the demolition of the VIE architecture, the real controller from Chen Yizhou change why Chuan?. At the same time, the introduction of Guangdong trillion capital, Hengqin youth, Beijing day magnitude 9 investment institutions, in February 15, 2017, the listing of all games applications for approval, formally listed on the new board.

, Jun noted, this is home to Webpage Game Mobile Games, R & D, issuance and operation of the main business of the company, is facing new and old product lean situation, everyone choose to return to their home games overseas delisting, listed on the new board. The return of the veteran soldier is still in the air,


3 and Confucianism as the table. Confucianism pays attention to joining the WTO and pays attention to the sense of responsibility. So Fosun from the first day of self-cultivation "career helping the world enterprise culture, this concept is from the Confucian" moral order in the world "to the. Confucianism stresses the need to continue learning, to join the WTO and to do something for this society. I also encourage myself with these three points.

Renren games and Renren belong to all groups, and in May 2011, Renren was listed on nyse. According to public information, the game was officially established in November 2012, formerly known as "Thousand Oaks" game, the main business for online game development, distribution and operation.

do business, do now, and more and more people feel that they need to believe something. In the face of the future, people can not see very clearly, entrepreneurs in the pursuit of "business truth" in the process, but also always get used to making decisions alone.

1 we should believe that the reform and opening-up policy of the past 30 years is stable and long-term.

was a brilliant game that everyone had five years old,



2 and the road as the bone. Taoism is a culture of self-cultivation, when people are in bad health, work will be greatly affected, so I advocate Taijiquan, which can be beneficial to physical and mental health.

?Following the

this time the most important entrepreneurs is not lose their direction, so entrepreneurs how to do? How to resist the temptation to overcome greed and fear? In your heart must have their own values, you must believe what. The things you most sincerely believe in are often the most powerful. Here I can share with you three points I firmly believe:

horizon, in the search of Internet veterans came to the new board, February 15, 2017, all games announced, now officially listed on the new board, the transfer agreement to transfer.

This is home to the



recently, I have seen three lines of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which have three sentences, which makes sense:


everyone games, Renren, is a lot of young memories of young partners. Renren is all the rage, everyone’s game has never been successful, everyone group will Renren, Renren games and other business packaged on 2011, listed on the nyse.

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