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online "Liantan" employment road

starting income is no lower than white-collar


Deng is one of them.

because of their own shop, shop model and popular female students in Hangzhou, "boiled fish queen."".

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now, please speak to the general friend. Don’t use red font. The Forum on the development, positioning and profitability of portals begins now. Please speak freely.

, he jokes, "the process is a movie clip."". It’s like shooting a movie, from props, environment, actors, shots…… Xiao Deng meticulously carved his small store in Taobao.

this age is college students at school, a considerable number of college students, because during the school Taobao shop business stability, and finally chose to graduate directly to Taobao shop for a living.

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and other college students shopkeeper perhaps different is, at the beginning of the shop, learning advertising Deng took it as his future career. And he was also seen as a "timely turn", so that he was lucky, in the severe employment situation, "choose the road and born."".

and residents from Hangzhou City Bureau of Statistics survey of urban information at the show, 2005, Hangzhou urban per capita expenditure to purchase goods or services via the Internet 7.5 yuan; in 2007 rose to 13 yuan; 1~10 months of 2008 reached 33 yuan, of which 20% of the highest income families, the month of 2008 1~10 per capita expenditure to purchase goods or services via the Internet for 117 yuan.

recently released China online shopping annual report shows that 570 thousand people have been in Taobao shop to solve the employment problem, of which 18 years of age ~22 years of age, there are more than 60 thousand jobs, more than 10%.

, it’s good to fend for yourself." Parents talk to children

according to statistics, Taobao store owner monthly income in more than 10 thousand yuan, there are currently more than 3000 people, they usually shop longer, with over ten million transactions.

Xiao Deng said, "his shop can expand the space is still great.".

every Friday afternoon 3 points in Admin5 group membership regularly discussed topic
the following roughly sorted out 3 group discussion record. Just keep the original topic independent discussion omitted
hope to have time, doing regional nature of the network of friends, can be in the idle time reference
are 3 group of 600 people for half an hour of fine
today January 12th 5 weeks and 3 in group group to discuss how to operate local portal 3 p.m. or major from the local portal website or professional site location, operation flow, their profit to talk about their own views and ideas of the time 3 -3 –

Zhejiang online 02 month 17 days because the online clothing store, store manager Deng "transformation" has become a model, each purchase back, he would give them each a different color on clothes, choose the suitable light and beautiful place, let his girlfriend take pictures. A garment needs to be taken from fifty or sixty different angles, and he chooses 10 of the most revealing features and qualities in his shop.

Wan Ming Xin wind @ 14:59:13
who know Xiamen fish head up
My opinion for fish!

no doubt, these are the driving force of Taobao’s progress. Of course, he was also the source of Deng’s energy – relying on the data, and he persuaded his parents.

Deng, a graduate of a university in Hangzhou. 2006 registration ID; 2007 officially opened shop; in 2008, when the shop was one year old, Deng graduated from University, has since become full-time treasurer.

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