nternet portal battle of hegemony history and futureFrom the media the net red stationmaster

player advertising, with some edge induced information, not illegal and fast money, so take this! Players have to think of a way to induce users to download ah, then began to recount the play: download the player and pay member will be able to watch free porn…… So many, users really pay or can not see! really see, this player in China is illegal.. And then, when the users are no longer fooled, there are many players, and effective inductive play is only a few…… So it wasn’t long before users were cheated, tired, and eventually no longer paid for downloads, and the conversion rate was getting lower.

began to gradually spread in the network, the browser first became the largest "entrance", Netscape, IE, until now the Chrome, Firefox, 360, Tencent, sh419, Sogou, UC, cheetah browser and so on, carrying the search, navigation, several major tasks, is one of the natural entrance Internet era.

red, from the media who is another "business" in the recent rise of the wind, but also can be successfully entered the ranks of business people "good air, do not say who was hit in the air, only said to have succeeded, they with the" fire "are now doing what?

and search engine status is also declining, in the mobile phone era, in each person for browsing time is basically fixed, what to browse, what to use, will have their own personalized choice. In today’s headlines, main content push to social based industry, WeChat, micro-blog, Youku, Iqiyi video, by use of time, and do not need to use these browsers and search engines.

, all kinds of tools and applications emerge in an endless stream, and they have to seize their respective entry territories, such as social software, such as trading platforms, such as maps, mailboxes, and so on.

, but for another wave of wind, wind, small, and still want to continue the business of people who face, often faced with "compromise of the rules."".

After the

in the early stage of development, the network has not yet universal, PC machine and Windows operating system has become the biggest entrance, that’s, IBM, Microsoft, HP, DELL, Lenovo, Acer and so on, is the biggest winner, on the international market battle is basically to the company.

, the search engine became popular, Yahoo, shlf1314, sh419, Sogou, and so on, and scramble for traffic entrance.

, for example, the original browser based portal, turned into an application store based entrance, the original Windows based ecosystem has become a Android and IOS based ecosystem.

used to have a hell of a wire, he drifted into the Internet and became rich. This should be a large part of entrepreneurs are the first entrepreneurial dream, make two successful at the outlet of the occasion, for many people, it is enough to enjoy life the blessing of life.


brief history of

user experience is too bad, webmaster friends are reluctant to take this kind of advertising.

but life always continue to be good players and a few entrepreneurs in the Tencent, video, Iqiyi, Youku potatoes and other major Internet giants have a solid background in the video industry, more and more strict supervision under the condition of small players what rules can be based on more? Personalized, more valuable content often means "edge" and "no copyright"……

after 2011, with the popularity of the 4G network, there were some changes in the entrance.

with the new concepts of AI, 5G, and other things to come, the war has already started the new entrance, to help small business technology public No.: xiaoshangbang has analyzed sharing multiple mode of economic analysis, led by HoloLens hardware model. What does the new campaign for the future include?

net red, from media

carries the dream of entrepreneurship, and finally it is to catch the reality in order to survive all kinds of cars, there are a lot of people still ride the air to make a lot of money, can transition to a "regular army", being late, leave the group of owners, entrepreneurs are still in line with.

nets sell clothes red really Taobao buy clothes more, people always want to survive, from the media to sell advertising, there are net red advertising

network began to rise, the network infrastructure providers at home and abroad began to emerge, mobile, telecommunications, Unicom, Nortel, Lucent, HUAWEI, ZTE, Al Carter, a large number of network infrastructure providers to become the biggest winner.

go to the webmaster who, who do not want to behave with a click on the ads in earnest, and there are still money is taken into. The ideal and the reality always look for one hundred and eight thousand li, I with you an idealist talk about what awkward?.

and the content industry has also risen rapidly to compete for the entrance of advertising. Yahoo, Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other companies became the gateway to content, sharing the most lucrative online advertising cake.

Internet development to the present, has been through more than 20 years of history, at every stage of historical development, as an "entrance" of the industry can always become the leader of the same period.

webmaster, player

for a large part of the webmaster friends, advertising industry is almost the survival of the family, such a closely related business is always not so good dry.



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