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CCTV annual "3.15 party" came again. Remember the 2016 exposure of the new three Board Company Road 832896.OC,

March 15, 2017, CCTV’s "3.15 party" exposure of the first case, directed at the same listing three new board Interactive Encyclopedia 835799.OC, the company due to false content paid entry advertising promotion was named.

March 15, 2017, CCTV "3.15 party" exposure, directed at listing three new board Interactive Encyclopedia, there is a tree. In addition, according to incomplete statistics of the new three board online, as of March 15, 2017, at least 30 listed companies due to product, marketing and other related issues punished by the relevant departments.

sh419, the Interactive Encyclopedia was named

, but such a magical product, CCTV reporter did not find any relevant information on the website of the State Food and drug administration. Product sales company in Shanghai know of Li Yuan deputy general manager of Agel Ecommerce Ltd said it is about Interactive Encyclopedia of our scientific knowledge above, and I’m not in the product, although it is in the side, playing the edge ball in pushing your product.

Niche? In general can be a choice you know, or to say that certain information there is an urgent need to understand, need a problem or a desire. Such as how to lose weight? How to prevent hair loss? How to prevent the credit crisis? How to catch fish? How to quit? How to restore confidence how to become a millionaire? Of course. also in developed countries, people are willing to pay for information, this situation is China >

promotion in the name of science, in the interactive encyclopedia entries, such as "B365", "fill the heparin" and "nerve acid" and "snakecactus" and other products, all kinds of effect description is extremely exaggerated.

NO.1: discovers and studies a Niche market,

How to select the

since then, in the case of cross-border electricity supplier exposure, another new three board cross-border electricity supplier enterprises have a tree 836586.OC was exposed, because the illegal sale of food from Japan’s nuclear contaminated areas.

for the paid entry for fraud

what is Niche? Chinese direct translation into niche market, but this is equivalent to no translation, Niche English is intended to refer to the micro ecological environment. Here refers to rich market opportunities but small, others do not do the product or service market. It is relative to the mass market, I translated into a niche market of.Wiki is By then, definition translation, a business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers. A niche market may be thought of as a narrowly defined group of potential customers. note

Hi, although I served in the Singapore Army rarely online, but I use the holiday to establish their own automatic money machine, I do not have to do what is there is a $5000 monthly income. Let me tell you about my practice, I mainly in the online writing money. Although my English sucks, high school I hate English writing, but if you don’t stop writing and bring you $writing power, then you don’t hate writing.

in addition to pharmaceutical products, as well as a large number of medical institutions and false entries of industry celebrities, such as "Shaanxi Yongshou Shao Xiaozheng TCM clinic" entry and >


, for example, Interactive Encyclopedia "5S" content of false medical entries, called "eukaryotic algae, salt containing polar Cordyceps and other five rare ingredients," known as the magic bullet ", not only can the" beauty of impotence, can even inhibit tumor growth". In an interactive Wikipedia product witness, a liver cancer patient took the "algae 5S" for only 7 days, and the cancer cells were gone.

new three board online · / text / Guo Jingjing Chen misty

and new three board online discovery, in addition to the two listed companies were named CCTV, there are many new three board company products have repeatedly been investigated and regulated.

according to CCTV survey, content of false or exaggerated free entry, although not able to edit, but as long as the payment, no business license, health food advertising review table, you can also create the content of false or exaggerated advertising.


super simple writing earn dollar secrets

is the author of a Singapore youth, is currently in the army service, according to his introduction, during the service he rarely to the Internet, but the use of vacation blog writing, actually gave him more than $2000 monthly income. The original is in English writing, my translation of the main content. The main omitted his nonsense. Only his main skills on.

although the authors claim that their English is not very good, but compared to Chinese, Singapore young people English level should be higher, so that the majority of Chinese write their own original articles English is difficult. A workaround to this point I mentioned. Finally the author note

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