On the user to create value with guest website vitalityAmerican air founder 800 thousand sell shares

Nebula home page screenshot

be able to search a lot of the station on the Internet, but you will find these carefully browsing, the style of the website is almost a template, which can make people feel boring, lack of new things, it is difficult to lift people’s appetite, many things will all make people irritable, so don’t even want to in others earn money.

long memories, do beauty when in fact he is very good for investors, but not too much early agreement, many provisions are not clear. As big as later, the two sides in the rights and interests of relatively valued, the formation of serious internal friction, leading to project progress, delays and other issues arising.

two, take the road ahead of the Taobao

2. to establish the connotation of Tao station. Optimization and making Taobao station must pay attention to the original, making a connotation of the website, to understand innovation, so your site will have prospects, also the content of the website is to be readable, attract others through your link to complete the transaction.

professional community

1. market congestion, website categories complicated

with the experience and lessons of the 2012 horse months founded the community website nebula. The nebula used to be a niche, mainly for entertainment practitioners, such as actor recruitment, actor databases, and so on. In the new round of mobile concept, MA in 2014 will be the nebula transformation, is entertainment version of today’s headlines".

male born Ma is now the standard Internet entrepreneurs: founder of the famous U.S. air network, due to the lack of experience of the loss of internal control in the U.S. Air Network valuation has been 100 million yuan when distressed will hold 27% shares to 800 thousand sale price.

early in the unfamiliar street is also not too much attention, Ma saw strangers mobile social prospects, hoping to launch the U.S. air mobile social networking tools, but due to lack of funds, investors do not support, miss the time window.

passenger Wangzhuan has been at the leading position in the industry, relying on Taobao money off people are also more and more, Taobao seems to have a monopoly of guest Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project industry, other living space becomes narrow, since Taobao has become the guest Wangzhuan the "bellwether", so as to fight in Wangzhuan industry in the US, have to seriously consider the status of Taobao customers and the future development trend, so that we can get more profit.

beautiful empty pain

in the United States Air follow-up financing, Zhang Zhaoyang, Zhou Hongyi and 9158 have conducted negotiations, IDG, today the capital was also looking for Ma, after all users have a lot of economic value of beauty can be dug. However, the 70% of the earliest investors rejected these investment invitations.

this is all the biggest problem facing the Webmaster Station, because they have good advertising concealment, and even some guest station directly put ads as web content on the home page, advertising more will feel very irritable, or some people just open the website to see there are too many advertisements after directly off, thus losing a lot of tourists, so the station must can provide the user with some help, will be hidden in the advertising content of a website, which will attract more people into your site, it will create more value.

The development of

, a true portrayal of the guest website

For example,

1. choose a suitable product, comprehensive promotion. Doing things must know how to focus, do Taobao customers too, so when doing the washing station, to choose a suitable broad market goods promotion, website keywords and navigation for new

sell beauty empty after birthday friends Huang Xiaoming Party, Ma that want to do "nebula", a vertical community cultural entertainment industry. Huang Xiaoming asked Ma, this money is generally need or special needs, long answer "special", Huang Xiaoming decided to invest 2 million yuan, not to sign the contract on payment of 1 million yuan now.

2. site style obsolete, lack of new ideas,

helpless, Ma may consider re obtained by MBO to control, but the MBO has failed to reach an agreement to promote a year, and he could not agree on the valuation of investors. In 2012, really want to do something about Ma may have to give up U.S. air, sold 27% shares to 800 thousand yuan, began to re start.

The content of the

then Ma on equity financing, there is not much concept, although early also have doubts, but in the "emotional investment trust under the premise, he did not want.

the most fiery period in the happy net, renren, SNS to a U.S. air network model based artist beauty, is one of the founders of ma.

is the founder of the U.S. air accident: a fashion party, Ma met a traditional field of investors, other very interested in the idea of beauty, decided to invest 15 million yuan to do this thing, but the condition is the founding team of 30% of the shares, investors holding 70%.

3. site lacks value

Now Taobao

today, Taobao customer market has become saturated, largely because due to the strong propaganda mom in the home page, so that more and more people joined the ranks of the guest of Taobao, a lot of people think Taobao passengers must have their own website, which led directly to Amoy railway station is increasing, which led directly to the present situation of customer market crowded Taobao, and Amoy website very complicated category, the lack of a rational.

3. to establish a good reputation system, to provide customers with guaranteed goods, >

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