One month one fan my WeChat public number history

suddenly, such as spring night, thousands of WeChat public open, since the Tencent WeChat open public platforms, such as various types of WeChat emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and idle away in seeking pleasure in the basic necessities of life, Nothing needed is lacking., thousands of people join the tide of public environment, my dog also mood.according heart desires, friction a dog claw, green dog eye jump, jump into the operation of WeChat public, the red sea.

did, the dog immediately back before the application through the account, then to prepare yourself to the public, has forced a name – the dog saw the world, even suggesting the existence of the risk of infringement, Baidu has found someone really write novels with this name, see luetong is really only bear. Slightly modified two words: "the dog saw the world (dogeyes3), OK, a particularly unusual WeChat public number was born.

No application for a public

down, according to the convention must use their own private, take one of the blood, and then to the various data, add group, a computer screen for a time filled with a variety of text documents, the lower right corner of the small penguin spotting ringing, puppy in the study started public road operation. Search data every day, P map, send a document, a month passed quickly, and then · · ·


Oh, the fans are still only a successful experience, the loser is also the lesson of the puppy I summed up some experience operating micro signal a month, if you find the opposite to me is in accordance with the method of doing so, Congratulations, your fans from 100 thousand + is not far away.

one, positioning error

At first

puppies for positioning micro signal is sent every day an article he wrote the article, dog grass root also carries a literary youth dream in the age of students, had an anonymous in the campus forum published a few small articles. But the real practice found difficult, but not every section of the public number more, otherwise it will appear off powder (although only a puppy should be strict with their), after the fabrications of several articles, the dog aware if this only Biechu more dog like shit things. So can only change the location, make a commitment to share the fun of the public information, thanks to "the dog saw the world" this name force is very high, is a perfect fit with the new position, but because of the delay time of positioning errors did not find back.

two, less promotion,

is a dog only work every day to Wang, operation of the public number time of only one or two hours, in which most of the time is used to edit the content and extension of the basic can say no, every day just forwarded circle of friends, send several two-dimensional code in the group, it will not attract attention, after learning the various WeChat operation tutorial the dog summarized three kinds of reliable way of promotion, including soft, and money. If there is no soft text >

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