Baidu and Google included observation

this nearly do a IQ Mommy female community new station, so every day view with Baidu, Google update, and now will observe the experience gained summed up to share with you.

About Baidu included in the update cycle is updated weekly, time is Wednesday morning, you can look at me, every query has been Wednesday after new data collection, but I do not know why, the first few weeks double update is included, included a few a few last week.

on the domain name and included: personal opinion does not exist domain name discrimination problem, whether it is CN or COM domain name is the same.

About Baidu included time: Baidu included a new time, from the first station up your date, about 10-20 days, generally will be released in the week update, is about to go through Wednesday morning, before the two update, the first time is generally included, just climb up at that time page, if your site update is normal, no cheating, two updates gradually after the synchronous update of recent page. This is the Baidu Google can be said to mean a lot, my mommy IQ female community Google are one or two days to update new data, if guided by the high PR chain, a day to update a data Goole, a start page rarely, then slowly increase, while Baidu is 10 genius there, I think this can be improved on Baidu, a bit too slow, a few days what activities do not see. Of course, this is only to the railway station, I tried, as some stations will be included on Baidu update.

: what about how not included as soon as secret of good, is to bring the spider to your site, do some external links, submitted to the general, you can, if you have a condition for high PR website to do one-way links, so that included a little faster, but also not never mind, as long as no cheating is not collected, Baidu and GG will not refuse you.

finally left an outside chain: IQ Mommy, female community,

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