Site to make money slowly not to be eager for instant success

has been a station for 2 years. When it comes to making money, you are ashamed of it. The website has done more than ten. You can’t make a profit without losing it. I don’t know whether I have gained experience or wasted time. After graduation as a programmer at a company network company, salary general, so do the station is just a sideline, or a hobby, sometimes I think, because what do feel that they still have a job, and retreat, so do stand is not always successful.


07 years do a Witkey information station, was also not considered profitable, then Witkey also just started, very easy and Witkey website to link, and they often reproduced I come to collect information so slowly Witkey website, the weight is high, but still flow very small. We should also remember that the original Baidu index is a plus / can search out all relevant search, so I have nothing to do up search, found a lot of keyword is very strange, but the flow is good, here is not for example. I will open a directory in Witkey website below, called the "Encyclopedia of life", specifically for those keywords to the article, because the website weight is good, those keywords in Baidu, Google rankings are good.

When the

flow up to 20 thousand IP, he would have thought to find a way of making money, immediately put on the website of Google Advertising, but their income is also good, at heart, he also increased efforts to find the key word, it is ready to play a game, the first Google is out of the question, the key words were very good page slowly disappeared, ranking nature also have no, I have a bad feeling, Baidu seems to slow some, after a couple of days, traffic is mostly from Baidu over Baidu, also the maximum intensity of punishment, directly K me the station.

I want to say, this is a quick results, the weight of the station is not easy, so the site I ruined, here I just want to tell you, do not worry, today is still the forum to see a person said "can be used to use the full rank, or not go", are in a hurry, so go slowly. In many aspects of website content efforts, multi station considering the user’s point of view, do a user friendly and useful website, that is the real way of making money.

recently made a little game game station for himself: So far, I haven’t submitted it to the search engine. I want to enrich the content of the website first, and let the user come to the website to find something really useful. I think this is the root.

has nothing to share with the money making experience. He just talked to everyone about his failure and hoped to enlighten everyone.

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