Online education vertical website Thinking of examination point network model

for the Internet, the topic of education has always been a topic of great concern. Education has always been the Internet industry, but throughout the more than 10 years of China Internet, the emergence of a number of outstanding companies, portals such as Sina Sohu NetEase; Taobao Dangdang and other electricity providers such as Jingdong; each industry also has a very well-known vertical portal; but education, but not a big brand website. Ten years of honing, China’s Internet Education why the development of such a slow? Online education sites and from where to open a breakthrough?

One of

‘s recent hot spots is the station’s online education, which is one of the most noteworthy online education sites. Through the examination point of this vertical model of development, we look into the future of online education,


lack of funds and talent, it is difficult to do online education

from the entrepreneurial model point of view, doing online education is a very money burning thing, this is not grassroots webmaster can do, where it involves the competition between talent and capital. Make a great online education company, must be involved to the video section, information, content, information sharing is not enough to make a great online educational video products, only in this way, it is the ultimate destination for online education. The video cost requirements are relatively high, grassroots Adsense lack of financial support, which built a high threshold. Exam sites are not lacking in funding, which is the foundation of any online education website, including exam points.

, for talent, is another key to success. The Internet online education is not only the competition of capital, but also the competition of talents. At this point, it is easier to approach success unless we have enough talent. Many people know the Internet, very few people know about education.

are your educational products tailor-made for your


online education, if not educated, is bound to be a failure. Education is the essence of the domestic environment, eager for quick success and instant benefits, all want to get a scoop from the online education market. This impetuous mentality has led many online education companies to worry about survival, because the gap between the huge investment and the resulting benefits is too large, which can easily lead to the breakdown of the capital chain. Education is not eager for instant success, and a good product is the key to success. The large and full lack of focus on the product is destined to be unable to move users.

therefore, do online education, you have to ask a few questions, your product is not the product you need? Your product is not just product users? Your product is not worth the user to pay? Your product is not enough user groups? Your products are of no use to the user? The user can two consumer


does your educational product have a focused population,


exam is currently focused on the narrow field of graduate entrance exams, with 2 million of users supporting this narrow field

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