Single strong Some Thoughts on website operation

the attention and engaged in website operation work for a long time, the process from learning to research to understanding, which experienced a lot of difficulties and setbacks, so have some of their own experiences, no experience, today I will combine their online learning into their actual. Work in sentiment, simple to talk about a few problems about web site operators need to pay attention to:

: the first operation to the traditional economic website more familiar with or understand, or in the traditional industries have certain contacts and resources, whether it is business or personal website, because you run or traditional services or products, but the website is another channel; what we do is through the combination of advanced technology of Internet with the traditional industries, provide more services for the users, so we should not only engage in online and offline removal operation, otherwise one day you will find your site into a wrong mode and can not extricate themselves.

second: operation is the essence of production and sales, so the focus is on what the user needs, what you can do for the user, the user can get the convenience and value of information from your site, so we need to do work on the user demand and market analysis, this kind of don’t blindly, not too much attention technology, technology is a form of display and show your content, products and services at the same time, you also need to know how to promote, how to promote the sales in the website, do not understand the promotion is SEO, is the PPC, a lot, draw lessons from traditional industry promotion ideas, sometimes you will see the


third: Web site operators do have advertising people thinking and planning ability, or do a website would be difficult to move forward, the traditional advertisement is very experienced and the impact on the packaging design, the Internet is also in the propaganda, if users come to your site and don’t know what you are first propaganda. Perception cannot give the user a good, then I think your site at least no characteristics, can not be users to remember and use;

fourth: technology is not the most important, but is the basic language you do business, you have to communicate with customers, programmers and communication, communication and design staff, if you don’t understand, your mind will not be very good, so the language of the web site, architecture, design how much you have to know don’t think, laymen would be worse than them, many people know how to design, but their ideas will not necessarily better than you;

fifth: operators need to pay attention to the peer to do well, learn from each other, to in-depth knowledge and understanding of an industry, a model of the site, whether it is profitable or user groups, the only way you can compete in the operation, learn to absorb advantages of competitors to constantly improve themselves, but also a suitable operation personnel essential.

is a website operation and operation of a company is not much difference in essence, also involves many aspects, such as product design and development, marketing and sales management, personnel training, financial management and so on

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