How long will it live from the media Let’s talk about what’s missing from the media


nearly two years, with the accelerated pace of life, the rapid development of mobile Internet, from the media as a fragmented way of reading came into being, rapid warming. Many enterprises and traditional media people have invested, from the media financing, from the media commercialization, since the media profits and other hot topics attracted great attention.

from the community, blog, forum to popular micro-blog, WeChat, makes the speech space more and more people, more and more people have the dissemination of information, dissemination of information rights, everyone is from the media. But it is precisely because of these freedoms led to the current Internet spam information flooding, fire, fire and other representatives of the emergence of people, we can not help thinking about this environment from the media can live for how long?

today, I fish on the top of a fiery limelight from the media, since the media to talk about the lack of what, if this continues, since the media can live long?

1. for selfish desires, touch the moral and legal bottom line

some of the so-called self media lack of self-discipline, to their own desires, touch the bottom line of morality and law, the conduction band to some serious social problems, such as "Yang Lan false donation to the hope project," Wenzhou rail accident of 29 people missing, "out of thin air catching wind and shadow events on society caused great harm.

from the media era, ordinary people the false micro-blog is forwarded over 500 rumors, the authenticity of the media has many fans of the big V should confirm the information, in the premise of the real information, with a neutral and objective guide without critical text description of the truth, let people know the truth first, then conclusion, since the media can not go beyond the boundaries of morality and law.

2. sees the media as a money making tool,

from the media environment, there are more and more quick, the title of the party, abuse, banter and dominate the world with disdain, to win the eye of curry favour by claptrap output interests, only self media as a tool to make money.

in the era from the media, to send a message, reasonable, full of sound and colour commentary is a citizen’s freedom, righteousness is in the information age. Some of the big V or "known" should be good to assume social responsibility, reasonable release of real speech, make contribution to purify the Internet environment.

3. extreme speech, like black people

some immature, self interested media people always like to compete for opinions, think they are the masters of truth, extreme speech, silence, sneer, but no position at all. And in the media circle, very love black people, no matter what your business, you should be offended because of what some from the media, they will be a whole series of opinion articles to slobber black you, without any consideration for his remark responsibility, but casually go slander others.

4. from media man

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