Grassroots webmaster to succeed need is to insist

Hello everyone, I am also a grassroots webmaster, like learning and communication on the A5, and now the Internet grassroots entrepreneurs have some experience and feelings, here to share with you and explore. Since learning from the site, I have done a lot of websites, first of all to introduce my failure experience. Is the beginning of the first 09 years of the website is to do their school forum, the purpose is very simple, is to learn the website construction and promotion of knowledge, and then know more after alumni have the idea, immediately find another friend began, the publicity and promotion to make us feel tired, all post every day, also planning activities, but not many students attention. Half a year after discharge was only about 100IP, we feel very helpless, not how much management anymore, what happened was the domain name registration time has expired, we also did not consider how, just gave up. I can’t keep it up. After doing a literature class website, the beginning is also directed at the appreciation of literature and poetry of the hobby, did not expect promotion and flow asked, said, looking for a CMS program, started second stations, most of the content of the website is collected, no original literary articles. Remember that the entire website collected 8 million articles, two months down, Baidu and Google only included a dozen articles, complete collapse, site traffic is shameful. Therefore, we should find the school student association to carry out the activities to prove that there will be some effect, but the reality and the ideal are always far from the ideal, so let us go and let it develop freely. After a period of time, and the first site encountered similar problems, the virtual host has expired, the psychological thinking, whether to renew? After two days of struggle, give up over the stick, and turned off.

after two failed experiences, I have a profound understanding of doing a lot of things and doing a lot of things. The most important factor of success is persistence. Too many reasons that we chose to give up, we should adhere to the original dream and plan to the end, any web project is to make money, do not throw three Na four, blindly do stand, don’t rush or try to do attitude. Before you start doing it, you should think about the construction and management of this website. Of course, some sites are not suitable for everyone, such as e-commerce and the like, but when we think you are suitable for this site, there are resources and information can do a good job in this website, when there is love in this industry, then we can start to do, remember, be sure to adhere to the. What do you insist on,


first: what is my dream — first want to do this website? Why you do this website? What is your value? To make this website made large scale? To go beyond what areas of the predecessors? Do adhere to the power station, let it give us strength, you know success is not easy, we must reject impetuous, don’t think for a week.

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