Use Sora Aoi promotion let site detonated traffic

introduction: Recently, China province wrote several article about Sora Aoi, voted for the major media sites; issued after the article on the Internet put the Buddha by storm triggered hot search users and hundreds of media websites reproduced in China; the province is the main source of the blog communication, in a few hours after the issue of the article in the Chinese province blog server can not afford a large number of visits and paralysis in two hours. As of now, more than 2000 IP from Baidu, the number is still rising.

(Sora Aoi)

now, the mainstream webmaster nets published on entrepreneurship and technology categories webmaster webmaster articles are old webmaster have this idea: "articles are not fresh, is a high quality of the dry cargo".

Chinese province have written many articles about the webmaster categories, can not cause too much response and response, because there are too many articles in a few years ago have appeared in front of the public; the new owners may think is a dry cargo article, the old webmaster at webmaster circles for many years, read a lot of Daniel the article, now on the Internet webmaster articles is not into their discernment, illegible.

today, Chinese province wrote several articles on Sora Aoi’s article appeared online storm triggered webmaster webmaster circle, many of the old owners read like drought in case of rain the general shouted good article! This article after reading it in front of the Buddha a bright, fresh sense of the passage into the heart.

Sora Aoi is a famous actor in the Chinese were removed from the entertainment, with countless fans, every time Sora Aoi in wages will cause a lot of media activities and countless fans. The Chinese province is to seize the reader of this thinking, the creation of a two story about Sora Aoi and the head of the related article, the results of the two articles by bursting. Let’s take a look at these two articles:

(causing 30W reading)

1: "from Tang Wei, Sora Aoi dressing strip to grassroots Adsense hype road"

this article "from Tang Wei and Sora Aoi to dress and undress grassroots webmaster speculation road" investment in A5 webmaster net name was changed to "see the editor of grassroots webmaster how to emulate the famous actress undressing speculation"; this article in today’s headlines in less than 2 hours from about 300000 of the amount of reading, this article insert a lot of words on Chinese provincial blog, many readers with search engines in China "blog, through such methods as the blog to bring a lot of high quality IP. In fact, this is the soft Wen promotion, just use the star effect;


(causing 4W reading)

2: "Sora Aoi has paralyzed my website server"

is the title of the article is very important, the light from the title is to attract readers, let the reader see this article could not help but want to point to open the contents of the article can be readers open this article on the success of the half; from the Chinese province the two article about Sora Aoi.

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