Site 3 days P breakthrough 9000 and was included in the home page experience Baidu talk

The first one is to learn

often grateful, thank you very much here here can provide a free communication platform webmaster so good, there are a lot of good articles, I have now finished 1/3 learn a lot of useful things here, thank you, thank you!

I have published the "site 6 hours IP breakthrough 300" the station is the continuation of the standing development before

, there are also individual stationmaster friend called me, but scolding aside, IP up, I was not afraid to criticize it, then hao123 web page is one of the rogue plug-ins


well, I’ll write about how I stood up on IP.

first points: soft Wen is very important, of course, to insist on writing soft text. My IP is that two days soared to two thousand or three thousand, and I don’t know why, webmaster friends are direct input site visit my website ~, so webmaster friends insist on writing soft bar,


second: want more IP will rely on our own efforts, I do so, registered at the same time, Sina, and Baidu, Tianya, blog, blog put my articles, such as "ten Japanese classic cartoon" and so on, I to update. Now enter the URL in the search, you can see many of my blog on the reverse link, feeling good, blog I love you, search engines, I love you!


third: I was this time, because I was so busy at work, morning things that the company is thinking about how to promote the afternoon afternoon, how to publicity 2 -3 concept afternoon, and good finishing materials, 3 points to 4 points, the article published to the four blog, then 5 points to 6 points, finishing a good blog with the model, and then stared at the latest blog list page, see a new article more attractive on the thread into the thread to see the situation sometimes don’t say on the two line (the top of your link)

fourth: 7 p.m. I was captured Post Bar, animation movie website, I find the animation Post Bar published can mobilize the atmosphere, such as the post, my topic is "your heart to write the ten classic Japanese cartoon" this time don’t post web site published out, someone will immediately reply, reply etc. to the 3 floor around, put your earlier prepared with a link to the post inside, then you generally do not delete posts.

fifth: add a few users in the QQ group inside your site type Post Bar, general Post Bar have QQ group, find and join it into your web site type QQ group is more easy to handle, what bulk mail, very targeted, the effect is very good.

sixth: add some super stationmaster group (good resources ah, a group of 3, more than 400 owners, a few more super group) QQ search very much into the future, don’t say that the link, the effect is not big, because many owners blocked group information, you went to the evening 8, 9 points left.

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