Talk about the relationship between local website operation and domain name

No matter how the

website can let the rich, the first condition is to have a decent domain name, the domain name about this problem, many people have a better understanding, is not. It is of course, the shorter the better, in fact, is completely correct, the domain name is too long, others are short and easy to remember, capable of course domain name is the webmaster site choice, and now we also know, from 4 to 4 before the digital domain name English domain are others registered, now the rest are 5 bits in the digital domain and some 5 of the English domain.


domain name is like chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. Without it, these domain names are relatively short, with it, I feel like eating a fly as uncomfortable, now many owners simply a hybrid, digital and English together, consisting of domain name, of course, there are some good long success, with come the add in, and I, are bought, as long as it can become a brand, as can be the people who remember.

But the

portal? There are several real famous websites? How successful these sites we can understand the code, with as portal website domain name as the best, but the domain name is the domain name dealers scrambled to unbelievable proportions, the idle time of a lot of code query the COM domain name, the domain name didn’t really use it, but set up some of the garbage sites, a look that is waiting for a domain name for sale, asking the outrageous price.

local portal need a decent domain name, also need a decent program, a high degree of user experience, web site is a brand image, if it left the domain name, the other is not possible, for example, a brand-name clothes, if time out from the factory is not printed on the LOGO mark, no the price of the brand to sell. The site is the same, if your site has become a brand, people see is not your website program, remember is your website’s domain name, the domain name is very important for a local portal, is very important to any other website.

For example,

now do Baidu search engine for the project, changed into a movie website, in people’s minds, remember or site, instead of his program, said that no words, in fact, most want to say is the webmaster, in the early construction of any website that must choose a permanent name for their own website, because the domain name as the name of the person is as important as.

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