Rebate website must pay attention to a scam warning


rebate website is designed to save money for customers and also to make money. I also opened a rebate site in 2 months ago, due to the new site, the intentions of service for each user, and slowly developed several members, the daily profit is also good, but because it is new, it was some criminals to stare at last, I will now be in operation encounter scam for everyone secret, hope not to be deceived owners.

first of all, the liar will open an online shop, and then join Ali’s mother’s alliance, on-line a product, products are generally technical. For example, "[Shanghai specialty snacks], Shanghai snacks, technical data compilation, Daquan, production methods, scanning data", Taobao price is 500 yuan, commission ratio is very high, generally will reach 50% of the proportion,


will confirm the delivery soon after taking it. In this way, the Commission will be returned to the rebate website in second days. Then the crooks immediately filed for cash. Because this is a new web site, the general customer cash application processing very seriously, will give the customer in the first time to cash to Alipay, once so, liar in Taobao will apply for a refund. Once Taobao apply for a refund of success, the Commission will go back directly, so that the fraud commission rebate site to cheat away


because Ali mother to rebate website settlement is in 20 days. So the liar got out of the hole.

here for the vast number of rebate sites, must be settled in Taobao settlement, or for advanced users to shorten the date of withdrawal.

works hard and pays attention to the customers. At the same time, we should guard against our own risks. Reprinted cited source: Rui no rebate network

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