Taobao guest’s soft Wen marketing layout problem

In the era of

network, flowers are in full bloom, and the promotion mode of Taobao customers is also varied. Among them, the soft text marketing is the most favorable, there is promotion "weapons". The network has many writers, or full-time or part-time, prices, quality is uneven, the original is a basic requirement, but still there are many articles in which pseudo high doping, as Taobao off you, how shalitaojin from waves of sand in the many articles,


to know a good soft Wen, for the first time, regardless of the content of the article, just look at the layout, you can generally draw a lot of conclusions. Because a good soft Wen, the first is to have a delicate and pretty layout. The layout is not beautiful, like the jade, but the table, you will be a waste of time an article in an article to see


of course not, like most Taobao customers are just using some search tools to check whether the original, as long as the original can be. This soft text will have a good promotion effect? So here, Xiaobian teach you Taobao customers, a more practical method, that is to look at the writers have handed over the soft text page.

excellent writers generally solid writing skills, most of them read more numerous, well aware of the first page is Kung fu. Good layout lets a person look ahead, Chu Tianshu, that is comfortable, handsome. But some soft, often overlooked this layout problem, the soft space is at the beginning and the end, and then finished the work. Such an article, it seems to feel bloated, and what aesthetic sense to speak of, as a Taobao guest you, I am afraid, but also looked after, then ran.

if you use a metaphor to describe it, a soft layout as young woman figure, to have ups and downs, full of curves, not to mention the see mountain not love this flat? "Ping" is not only reflected in the contents of the article, it is also expressed in the layout the. So, the first text paragraph should be divided clearly, too long is taboo soldiers of each paragraph; secondly, the tone should be smooth round between paragraphs, like calligraphy pen breaking, the whole soft read down, without a solid astringent feeling.

only this kind of soft Wen, in the actual promotion to achieve better publicity effect, can let your Taobao guest career added icing on the cake.


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