Some thoughts on website content construction

complex things simple, and then ruthlessly executed. Simply say, personal Adsense (not including company operation), in limited energy, time to do the station, as long as two points: content construction and the construction of the chain.

content is divided into original content, pseudo original content, collection of content, for the search engine speaking, high-quality content is the most important original, the next point is pseudo original. Repeated collection of content on search engines can only be used as supplementary material, without weight flow. For Internet users, high quality content, whether you are original or not, only depends on whether the content of the article contains high-quality information.

then, how do you get the original content? How do you get the original content for the search engine? How do you get the original content for the users? It’s time-consuming, laborious and difficult. Pseudo originality is relatively easy, but also time-consuming. The number of units produced in unit time is limited.

I know a few ways to do web content

1. stations only put original or pseudo original content, absolutely not collection. And what you do must be useful to a particular user. That is to say, whether it is for search engines or Internet users, the article is of high quality. In this way a day 5-10 article. Because the number of articles is limited, so the site is not suitable for using CMS website system, you can use zblog or WordPress system. This requires that you have to become an expert in an industry, and you have to read a lot of articles in the industry. In order to talk about originality or false originality.

2., the first. For a personal webmaster, it can be enlarged. For example, some companies have many employees. The division of labor is very clear. Special personnel responsible for the original pseudo original articles, special personnel responsible for the construction of the chain. Special personnel are responsible for website operation planning, supervision and inspection, etc..

3. although original or pseudo original articles, good content, to flow more. But this approach is relatively difficult. For a lot of individual stationmaster, use to collect. Some people use acquisition tools, some people use CMS own collection function. Be careful here. Gathering content is a key point. Your collection must not be flooded, so don’t go to the gate collection. Personal blogs, by contrast, are a good place to collect. Articles in an individual blog generally do not spread very much.

4. by the users to provide content, such as BBS,.Sns type of Web site, such as A5 webmaster nets articles by webmaster contribution original content. For instance, the content of Tianya forum, the first forum in China, is basically provided by Internet users.

over four points, relatively speaking, which kind of interest is higher? Personal observation, the second best, good station, most of them do so. Of course, for me personally, this approach is only a goal at the moment. Temporarily impractical. So, original and collection relatively speaking, which kind of interest is higher? I personally do a few stops, have collected station, have original pseudo original blog. The experience gained in the short run is to collect traffic through a long list of content long tail keywords. Original false >

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