Talking about the essence of e commerce from sales

no matter how you do electricity supplier, the final data or sales, this formula we all know: Sales = flow * conversion rate * unit price. So what I want to share with you today is this formula, talking about e-commerce from sales.

one, traffic

traffic is the most discussed issue on the network, whether it is Taobao electricity supplier or independent e-commerce, all kinds of articles and posts are around how to do the flow. SEO, drilling, exhibition, Taobao, through train, big promotion, and so on, without any exception. Of course, there is no traffic on the back of the conversion rate and unit price, but when it comes to nature, whether it is natural search or Taobao customers, etc., is nothing more than the way of drainage.

drainage is actually a question of willingness to spend money. It’s not like saying, “money can solve problems. It’s not a problem.” so there’s no need to talk about drainage. Not willing to spend money, but also a short time to make immediate results, then sorry, it is best to start talking to the boss, because there are few operations and promotion can be assured to the boss, no money will be able to quickly make traffic. To traffic, we must do pay promotion, and spend a lot of traffic, we need to monitor and analyze, how to control high quality traffic and exclude garbage flow, which is designed to conversion rate of the problem.

two, conversion rate

about the conversion rate, I have shared an article before, here briefly. Want to improve the conversion rate of the shop is a comprehensive, overall thing, from the product, page to service, need all directional control and optimization, not just do home decoration on it.

1, product

, your page decoration and services are based on the product, no matter what type of business you are in, and what category you are dealing with, and ultimately everything revolves around one theme: the product. And when it comes to products, many electricity providers will pay attention to product development, sales, inventory above. In fact, I want to correct everyone’s views here.

has a friend to operate an electricity supplier brand, transferred from the line to the electricity supplier, the purpose is very clear, that is, clear inventory. Online sales are over season goods, there is no good style, and have been selected out of the remaining funds, there is no choice, inventory pressure. Product development, sales, inventory can not be changed, is not done? There is no sales at all,


in addition, there are friends who are husband and wife files, Taobao C shop, now is the 4 crown, along the way also mastered a lot of, is an expert, although sales are good, but often choose the money is also sold very poor. But there is one of these stocks under great pressure, so they try to use the explosion before the way to push, through the car, drill exhibition, the first coke, the same money to hit this out, so sales are very good. The fact that I want to say here is that a change of style will work as well in the same way.

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