Teach you a trick you have been GOOGLE K station re included

station construction to 9 days today.. And I haven’t done anything to promote it.. So IP isn’t very tall either.

very happy, GG in third days to my station included, because I all manually add all the content… More than 300 films have been added manually. I’ve got about more than 120 pages.. At that time, that happy ah, think about their hard work finally did not waste..

look at the flow.. Oh, about 60 a day. For me, the first time to do the station, 3 days to achieve 60 of the IP is already good, right?.. Ha-ha。

and then I can’t sleep at night. I’ll look for some optimization content on the internet. Made the keywords.. When do the keywords also used when the station tool checked the keyword density, found that more than half.. It is very late (after midnight. 4. more, very tired), say to yourself, and simply adjust tomorrow, and see if GG will include more. Think about so many keywords, I have a day, never mind..

ha ha, the depressing thing has come. By noon, when I got up, SITE stood by himself and found that a page of K was not left. At that time, it was sweaty.. Well, for the first time in life, a station is K for the first time. And K is so clean.

started to panic.. And online search, how to let GG re included articles?.. Looking for is to say, K on the K, and re change a domain name or something.. Think of their domain name, they are very fond of, reluctant.. Very unwilling, oh, so registered a GG ID, landing on the management page.. Actually found the webmaster tools, very curious to point in..

found the request for re examination".. Ha ha, according to the prompt operation..

then optimized all the key words to reasonable bytes…

today is the ninth day, from the day before.. GG has taken my place again… Although not included in the previous so much, but every day there is an update. This is basically the younger brother do station 9 days experience.. Key words must not pile up.. Really, you must K…

if you have friends like me who are K, please don’t worry. I find out where the problem, and then corrected, go to GG for reincluding can, Tashi do stand, I think GG is very open-minded. At least, be more forgiving than Baidu.. Ha ha,

well, I don’t know what you’re talking about.. The Internet bar is too hot. The mind was muffled and raving.. Veteran don’t laugh at.. Maybe it’s helpful for beginners..

has built the station, so you can take me with you.. My QQ is: 7818057, there are friends who want to exchange experience under the station can also add me,. Thank you,

finally, AD is OK

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