TXT novel download station Baidu is not the only way out

Hello, I’m 4K (Khan, I seem to be the beginning of every article). Today I mainly want to share with you is that I do (Xiaoxiang ebook www.xxdzs.com) a month of experience, is regarded as a summary of my this month.

is the first novel of Xiaoxiang ebook I do stand, but also can be said to be my first stop, I started to do contact station from 08 years in May and June, up to now almost a year, this year I have done a lot of stations.

is the first of our local forum, there is a small town, traffic is very difficult to do, now only a hundred IP. My second station is the provincial capital of the rental network do we do, for half a month, found no rental network what profit model, then changed to the local real estate net, but do not have a good program, now there is also idle, but the day is almost one hundred IP.

also has some industries in the station after the two station, but all is not how much time is idle, until May 12th this year, is also the last month, I began to do IDC, usually is not what to do about QQ, so the germination of a novel TXT download station.

at the time of the story of the TXT novel download, I do not support those friends, all said that the novel station has completely failed, but I still insist on doing. Choose the right keywords, the program (I use a new cloud, feel more mature, the Empire and the wooden wing are not good, personal point of view, Bozhuan declined).


and choose the right program, but in front of particularly difficult problem is that the novel download station, on the acquisition of hotlinking is very difficult to do it, and it is too fierce competition in the industry with a novel, that is a lot of efforts, do local resources if you want to make it even more difficult..

is here to remind you that although it is a very stupid reminder, but for more food than my bird, I still want to say, do novel download station or other types of download site, site procedures must be placed separately and resources on different servers, or more of your traffic, the greater the amount of Downloads you, web browsing speed will be slower, finally dragged dead


space, I represent a relatively well-known IDC, the price is very low, and the speed is very fast, 1G enough! PS a sentence, to buy space Q, I 44969696, password: Admin5, give you preferential prices! Ha ha!


web application space is solved, but the download server is trickier, to tell the truth, do download station of cost is very high, is the main download server can not afford, the flow of hard to do to pay expenses may not download server.

but it suddenly occurred to me that when I was behind the scenes, people often supported the download server or the virtual host. I tried to find a few of them. They were all pretty good. The download speed was very stable, and the only thing was insufficient

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