Car modification shop can really make money quickly

cars in the current market is no longer a strange product, private ownership is also growing. Many owners due to the appearance of the car and some use function is not satisfied, so it will be modified. For this reason, the current market will have a car modification shop. But also the entire investment market hype, that this business can create a great wealth, and make money fast. So, car modification shop really can quickly make money?

There are two main types of

domestic car modification shop, a specialized production car manufacturers, engine, chassis national accreditation, re design and modification of production is different from the original car; two is the user for a certain purpose, in the original car (the existing licence) on the basis of the technical transformation including gas transformation, increase the tail, even including the daily maintenance and decorative beauty.

the latter is the main force of the domestic car modification shop. With the increase in the number of private cars, joined the car modification shop has become a hot spot in the field of small and medium investment, investment related advertising overwhelming.

lakes rumors market demand, good prospects

China Automotive Industry Association, the latest data show that China is now the world’s third largest automobile producer and the top second car consumers. Expected in 2010, China’s car ownership will reach 62 million. 2020, China’s annual demand for domestic cars is expected to exceed 20 million, thus surpassing the United States to become the world’s largest automotive consumer market. According to incomplete statistics, 65% of the owners have the needs and aspirations of the conversion. Since the former domestic professional car modification shop tens of thousands of years, decorated vehicles about about 5000000.

input low three months to recover the cost of

join a standard store franchise fee of about 40 thousand yuan, plus the cost of $90 thousand product equipment, a total of $130 thousand. Among them, the car is very large profit modification. Like modified audio, anti-theft central control, reversing radar, net profit margins are more than 50%, the film’s net profit of up to 200% to 300%. Therefore, the general three months to recover the cost of the franchisee.

industry outlook is not optimistic about the true colours of

China Automobile Industry Association of experts said that with the increase in the number of enterprises, vicious competition is likely to become increasingly fierce, the development of the automotive industry will fall to a low in the next 2 years. First of all, more than 80% of the domestic car modification stores, mainly to decorate, rather than to modify the main. Secondly, the modification does not pass. Car owners in the modified lights, chassis, surrounded by large, and often can not face the embarrassment of the annual inspection. Two reasons, limiting the prospects for the development of car modification shop.


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