How to open a cosmetics store cosmetics purchase channels

cosmetics market prospects are good, but also the traditional industry is more popular investment projects, but want to get involved in the industry has a set of difficulty. Because the operators need to master relevant knowledge of cosmetics, such as brand, price, products for skin, makeup color collocation, consumer image design, and also to the cosmetics industry have a deep understanding of business practices.

has many years of experience in cosmetics sales, and sales of cosmetics have been on the way of national beauty and heavenly fragrance cosmetics shop owner in Zhengzhou, Zhao Tian Lu said: sell more fine tobacco Shangqiu, selling cosmetics is the people of Nanyang, people doing this basically is to rely on relatives and friends with them, besides more than two years of promotion, do shopping, salesman, beauty tutor people in the cosmetics company, the likelihood of success will be slightly larger investment shop.

: sales profit by Zhao Tianlu brand agent said: cosmetics are high, medium and low three products, Lancome, Chanel, Shiseido, OLAY called brands; L’OREAL moderate price is a second-line brand; Dabao, small nurses and other inexpensive three line brand. In general, this third gear cosmetics respectively through large shops, stores, or 100 supermarket or corner store three channels of sales.

in foreign countries, international brands through large shopping malls selling 100 disaster, roughly the same as in Zhengzhou, but Zhengzhou’s 100 disaster mall not only sales of international brands, also part of the sale of domestic second-line products, the extrusion of the store living space, so the true sense of the store in Zhengzhou is not much.

for individual operators, many people are driving a comprehensive cosmetics shop, with low prices, sales of big win. Zhao Tianlu said: in the high-end brand cosmetics store can drive sales of two or three line brand, but the brand is relatively low profits, the best investors can represent one or several brands as the store’s flagship product, to guarantee profits.

How much upfront investment still with

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