What are the best projects in Rural Entrepreneurship

it is understood that many people living in rural areas now want to change their lives through entrepreneurship, but what kind of business to choose what is good? This is what makes us wonder. If you choose the wrong item, the consequences can be disastrous. What kind of projects are better in rural entrepreneurship? Next, Xiao Bian made some introduction, you can choose according to their own circumstances, we must attach importance to it, not too casual oh!

1, open a special snack Department

if you have a good character of city work hard, with the hands of ten thousand yuan of funds, can be considered in the city downtown or the seat of township government to open a special snack, operating varieties in accordance with local people’s eating habits. For example, a spicy soup shop, shop, shop, shop, cake soup wonton shop, barbecue shop, silk shop in cereals, breakfast, dinner, lunch, with a characteristic, fast, affordable, flavor win, let diners spend two or three yuan will be able to eat eat. Shop rent, liquidity, the purchase of tables and chairs and tableware and kitchen utensils together, there are ten thousand yuan enough. Please carefully assess the location you are ready to open a shop, such as a tourist city or a busy area, a large flow of people, and local governments really support, you can try to start. But, remember, 1, health is very important, the first visual basically laid the status of your hotel in the heart of customers; 2, please analyze other similar and you store stores, from them you can learn a lot of things.

2, open a noodle shop

is now on the market to sell a kind of pasta conversion machine color three-phase or two-phase electric power as per hour to suppress flour 25 kg to 15 kg range, about 3000-5000 yuan investment. This pasta machine can suppress conversion of macaroni, noodles, star, diamond, cat ears, tremella face a variety of shapes, and meet the needs of different consumers.

can be easily installed in the vicinity of urban or rural areas near the open shop, plus a total investment of 7000 yuan to rent a machine to process a total of 50 kilograms of flour per day, for example, net income of up to $40. If you can just sell flour, grains, edible oil, such as goods, earn more.

3, open a kindergarten

rural people now pay attention to children’s early education, if you are good at singing and dancing, full of love, family housing spacious, consider starting a kindergarten. The main investment is the purchase of open kindergarten toys, can do. Each child tuition fees 20 yuan per month, about $10 a year for about $200, the annual income of 30 children enrolled in about $6000. Note: due to hit the nouveau riche dividends more and more migrant workers brothers away from their families and children, resulting in elderly parents and young children can not be lonely and helpless good education is recommended

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