To share with you the nine CEO entrepreneurial process

success in various fields are the envy of the people, they created unparalleled wealth, but also the achievements of their great life!


in the lakeside, Gates hooked up a stupid computer terminal. At the end of the 60s in Seattle, it was very rare for students to use computers, which proved to be very important to Gates’s growth. In 1998, when Gates’s wealth rocket channeling, every day he revenue of $50 million at most.

he has not been interested in formal education, but very yearning for independence. In 1942, only 8 years old Wang Jialian with his parents emigrated to the United states. At that time, life is very difficult, Wang Jialian often do some people look down on the living, often even 32 cents a lunch can not eat. Many years later, he recalled the pain of his early years, he always said: "immigration has a great influence on me."

Keith called business genius and a workaholic. He was dressed casually, dressed in khaki, and liked to put his feet on the table, like a big boy next door. And shy personality, people feel a bit cold. He said: AOL manager, "I do not need to make a mistake," he can determine the daily affairs.

Internet Mr. Chambers

A large technology conference held in California,

, CEO Chambers and telecommunications equipment company Cerent Carle the bright younger generation who met?. The first meeting, Chambers asked: "come straight to the point I need to spend much money to buy your company?" He wore a habitual smile on his face.

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