Prepared by WFWP Cameroon The WFWP Cameroon was re

first_imgPrepared by WFWP CameroonThe WFWP Cameroon was represented by one of its members, Mrs. Olivia Gonzalez Tching-Bobe at a round table conference that took place at Government Bilingual High School Logpom under the theme “The Fight Against Drugs in the School Premises for the Promotion of Clean School.” The conference was organized by the school authorities and the participants included, all the students, parents, judicial personnel and medical personnel. WFWP representative, Mrs. Olivia Gonzalez Tching-Bobe, was among the main speakers on the panel.The Program started on October 17, 2018 at exactly 12 noon. After the National Anthem, the moderator welcomed everybody and explained the purpose of the said event, then the representative of the Principal read the message of the Principal. Immediately after it, the different panelists were asked to present their respective topics.Mrs. Olivia Gonzalez Tching-Bobe spoke on the prevention of the illegal use of drugs. She explained that prevention of illegal drugs begins in the family. Good communication between parents and children is very the basic requirement for children not to get involved in drugs. Mutual respect in the family, engagement in productive activities are essential to avoid the stress and isolation that sometimes pushes children to seek for solutions to fill the emptiness and void from isolation. Next she explained the consequences of the illegal use of drugs at school, the society, health wise and legal consequences.The program ended at 3:45 p.m. after students presented entertainments such as traditional dance, modern dances, skit and songs.last_img

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