The trivia of the convenience store

due to the diverse needs of life, convenience stores more and more into our lives, affecting all aspects of our lives! And give our lives a lot of convenience. How to open a convenience store? Want to know these questions, we’ll look at the small series to open the convenience store of those trivial things.

exquisite luxury, as long as the operating characteristics of their own, and to give the customer a clean, comfortable environment, only need to use the white ceiling or other general ceiling can be warm, but in the layout decoration elegant collocation, the more common are white putty top, or gypsum board

sign: convenience store signs are generally the same as the store street width, making without regard for luxury, only in line with their own characteristics, can effectively fit operating characteristics, and can meet the convenience above, Xiaobian brief to bring you the convenience store business should pay attention to the problem, to the convenience store business to consider the issue of hope for those who want to open a convenience store can help a person of noble aspirations!


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