Analysis of the current situation of the dry cleaning industry to look at the shop

dry cleaning industry over the past two years more and more fire, a lot of friends are going to open a dry cleaning shop, then dry cleaners to make money? What is the current market situation? In foreign countries, the laundry industry has been relatively mature, but in the country, the laundry industry is still in a period of rapid development, so the investment to join the laundry market prospects.

: market analysis

: industry analysis

1, easy to use: from the washing business advantage, management is not very complex, unlike other store business, often need to change the product mix in order to attract customers, washing industry only after short-term training to operate business.

2, low risk: laundry service, like manufacturing and retailing, the backlog of funds, will not encounter inventory losses and credit funds problems. In addition, the small changes in the laundry industry, the risk is low, although not a rich overnight high profit industry, but it will not disappear overnight, it can be said that the eternal industry.

3, high profit, fast recovery: in addition to the above advantages of the laundry industry, its high profits, recycling is also very important. Investment in business, of course, is to make money, get the maximum return on investment, which is the most concern of every investor. Laundry average gross margin of up to 80%. This compares to 10% of the retail industry, catering industry, 30%, I do not know how many times better!

4, the laundry unlike the public gallery of the popular commodities or expensive luxury goods, as long as people have to wear clothes, no matter how the market economy change, the laundry business can be sustained indefinitely, and every year the business is good, the investment risk decreased year by year.

5, the washing industry itself due to its features can be concentrated washing and ironing service, and washing industry investment to join the ready-made business model to be used, can quickly copy, and investment after joining and washing join operators a series of customer service and technical support services, can be said that there is no menace from the rear, as long as customer identification with your service, will continue in your laundry consumption for many years, so that the laundry once the "big", it is not easy to "big drop". So for those who want to succeed through their own business friends, investment in the laundry industry is a good choice, perhaps you are the next successful case.

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